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‘Fighting Yourself As Your Worst Enemy’- By JonteTheArtist

‘A heart feeling raw.  Emotions that’s not right, Doesn’t belong. Trying to overcome the heartache that’s cause by the wrong side that don’t belong. Wondering, Asking how did I get here in a place that’s really not suppose to be. Trying to correct yourself, Reminding yourself to be careful. Don’t ever want to end up here again. A heart full of so much sadness with anger. Very frustrated of the pain from one cause. Looking at the whole world from your own blinded eyes, Your own judgement,Your own accusation,Your own worst enemy. Everyone around you from your mind, They’re all meen, Not having any trust from the pain you hold within a grudge. Can’t see others pain cause your pain has numb you, You can’t care. Feeling alone, Not knowing whats missing. You can’t identify with others cause you’re closed in, The door won’t opened. Looking in the mirror, The image looking back at you, feels what you’re feeling. Putting your hand up, Your image in the mirror does the same. You can see yourself looking deep down at your guilt for the first time. The flee in your eyes covered a lot, Your honesty now coming to the fore front. Facing your own being with aggressiveness, Your control is your own control that needs help. You aren’t alone in this lonely world, Everyone has skeletons in their closet. Each and everyone own identity is their business. Yours is your own, Take responsibility on your part. Your part is hard to take, Everyone is hard to take. No more pointing fingers, Point yours at you, Get better for your sake. Back to the reality of your eye looking straight at your soul. It starts with you inside, Love yourself, Respect yourself.’