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Pic by- JonteTheArtist

‘Secret Admirer In Spirit’   

– By JonteTheArtist

‘A quiet beauty in an unknown sense of a majestic vibe with grace.’

‘Your unnoticed is charming of a natural beauty that’s pure flourishing.’

‘Floating freely in your pureness of confidence of not knowing how precious you are.’

‘Scent in the air of a beautiful rose that’s fresh, blossom into a beautiful muse.’

‘Hearing a beautiful voice but can’t see where it’s coming from.’

‘Music to my ears that’s pureness of peace. Looking far away in the wilderness over the water, Seeing a reflection of a bright light.’

‘You float tore’s me with a kindness. Seeing your long white gown, like snow-white.’

‘You look into my eyes, But I still can’t see your face. I only see your brown waive dark brown hair that’s the color of the mountains.’

‘Your long white gown blowing in the winds. Your face is bright like the beautiful sunrise.’

‘You then come closer, I see your beautiful blue eyes looking into my eyes. You smile gently at me, caressing my face with love of care. You told me “Everything is gonna be good.”

‘You then held me with a hug. Comforting me,letting me know “You are not alone.”

‘We both held hands looking straight at the beautiful distance that far ahead into the future. We both held hands, Flying into the beautiful galaxy.’