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‘You are not alone’- By JonteTheArtist

Each and everyone has emotions within the streams that’s deep.

We all feel, Everyone hurts, Everyone has sorrows.

Happiness, Joy is also what we all feel at different times.

Laughing very hard at certain times, A healthy dose to the soul.

Love is so beautiful, Everyone gives it, Its instill in each of us from the day we all was created.

We all are humans, No one is perfect. You cry, We all have cry, Our tears coming down like a beautiful waterfall from different emotions coming from inside our souls.

Our fears takes it toll, We all get scared.

Your gifts, Your talents is a blessing. Everyone, Each and everyone has a talent, It’s a gift that’s a blessing.

You, Me, All, No one is perfect. We all in this together, You are not alone. I breath, You breath, We all breath.

We eat, We taste, We love to eat, Food is great.

Our eyes, We all see, Eyes wide open, The beautifulness, Like The flowers fully bloom. The sky so beautiful,Clouds sitting peacefully in its own.

Our hearts is very big, So full of gods blessings. We are all his children,We are all made in his image. We all bless with gods blessings of reproduce, Fruitfulness, Multiplying to fill the earth with gods blessings he instill in each of us to do his will, Our anointing.

Each of us has a purpose on earth. We are all gods kids. We all are the same. We all have emotions, We all feel. We all go through the same things, Problems, Everyday life struggles. Life happiness, Joy, Great days full of happiness each of us lived.

We all are together in this world, You’re not alone. We feel, Love, Cry, Sadness, Happiness, Joy, Mad, Irritated, Meen, Anger, Excited, Helpful, Caring, Honesty, Not honest,Bitter, Strange, Driven, Intelligent, Beautiful,Special,Kind, Down to earth, Scared, Fear, Nervous and more.

We all are human, Experienced the same emotions, Problems, Everyday life, We all felt it.

We all are special, We all are beautiful, We all Forgiven. God is love, We all are loved by god.

You are not alone, I’m not alone, We are not alone, We all been through it all and is still going through it. Life, Everyday is a battle but also there are some great times and great days, And great moments.

You are not alone, You are not alone, We all are one within gods image, The same.

Love is god, We are all made with love. We all are one in god.