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                         ‘A Dream That Was But Has Forgotten’

                                                                        By JonteTheArtist

The feeling I felt, Getting into another world that don’t really exist but do exist but in a different life time. Living two lives, Two different characters with a confused out look from how I seen it. laying down with a partly awakening soul in another place. Can’t move, Can’t control my being in this mindset. Not having enough understanding of what just happened. The weirdness of trying to put the pieces together. The different signs can teach me something in my real life. Waking up really fast looking around back to my whole soul, Seeing everything around me is really real. Some membering of this other side but then forgot what all happened. Feeling relax and glad that it all wasn’t real. Confused of the feeling, Energy, Emotion of a roller coaster of the fear of confusion I felt. Taking a deep breath, Back to life, Relaxing, Closing my eyes deeply, Falling to sleep in a deep peace again with a clear mind.