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Photo-By JonteTheArtist

‘Whistles Of Joy On Earth’-  By JonteTheArtist

Birds flying over the lake in a sky freely in it’s own.

The winds so light with a breeze that has a voice.

The sun is bright with joy.

The lake water has deep waves moving to a beat in an unknown sound.

The Older man whistling a tune adding a completeness to the beauty that surrounds him.

The sounds of all the earthy creations coming together in unity, The beautifulness of a peace that can’t be described.

The relaxation of the heart from a moment that’s special.

Sounds of positive vibes surrounding in a presence of happiness.

Birds chirping away, Blending music echoing into the world of ears.

Waters bringing the joy to the ducks, Crackling away with survival.

Taking in peace, Silent into a relax meditation.

Angels singing a tune with love into the world.