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A World Of Distruction Turns Around For The Better’


A day of thunder-storm crying out everywhere in each energy that’s contagious. Feeling the sadness of each struggle of its own. Mourning all of what was missing.  All the misery suck the joy away. It’s a bad time all around us. Tired from an everyday war. So much bitterness held inside a soul that is full. Tears come down little kids faces so softly over their delicate skin. Hearts so lost in all confusion of a world that lost inspiration. Eyes can’t see straight without squinting to see was real in the distance to come. Hope lost touch of everything turning around for the best. Starving souls with a craving. Naked backs of wanting shelter. Everyone mentality comes to a point of doing what it takes to survive. Fears fly around the air, waiting to meet the flesh. Everyone hides with close eyes that can still see, But don’t want to see. Don’t want to trust others from the pain of bad that messed up the world. Feels like ghost all around in their own space of broken pieces.  Getting back up from all the let downs.  Bringing everyone in unity back as unity put god first over everything. Making the world a better place in a community of prayers, Lifting everyone back up in good spirits. Hope is alive again.