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‘Stars Bright In The Nightly Sky’

By JonteTheArtist

‘Standing in my own space, looking up at the beautiful night sky.’

‘My main focus takes me away into another world, Feeling like I’m lifted from the ground as I stare… and stare… at the stars that speaks in a language that’s silence in it’s own.’

‘Wishing upon a star as The two beautiful stars become insinc as one.’  

‘The night gave the stars the shine, The beauty that’s bright from inside to the outside.’

‘Each star within a free will, moved along the night, Bringing happiness to the earth.’

‘Chemistry so strong that can’t be broken, Bringing all the stars in unity.’

‘Couples in a moment that’s special from the stars bringing joy.’

‘Everyone on earth in different time frames, smiles in a moment that’s peace, happiness, looking up at the night sky that’ has bright stars looking down at all with smiles of joy.’