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                                      Art Piece- By JonteTheArtist-‘Dream Couple’

‘Dream Couple Future That Disappeared Before Their Eyes’

Short love story- By JonteTheArtist

Looking all around this world, I see a beautiful person inside and out. Everything around us disappeared, it’s only me and you.  The whole world turns to white clouds, all we can see is each other. We are both wearing all white. I walk closer and closer to you, face to face looking into each other eyes as one with each other. Chemistry flowing together like angels singing a godly tune.. Our eyes met with hope into a beautiful future that was forever. 

You told me to follow you into forever. As you grabbed my hand, you led the way through these clouds. As we run and run, all I see is clouds and more clouds as we both make our way through. Trying to find  forever, our home. Clouds and more clouds as we run far across this big world, you are still holding my hand leading the way.

We are running and running fast, still more and more clouds we pass.  As we run fast and fast through, you let my hand go. I say wait! wait! wait! You are now far away ahead of me within the distance. You are now so far that I can’t see you through the clouds. You ran so far ahead, getting lost in the clouds. I’m still behind trying to catch up, yelling out your name.

I’m missing you as I find you.  My heart still has hope that you can come back. I leave it in gods hands as God shows me if it’s met to be, that we will still have the future together into forever.