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     ‘Relaxing In A Godly Peace Of Mind In A Joyful Simple Moment’-
       By JonteTheArtist

‘Over my head, seeing the bright stars in the quiet night. Within the woods of the tall trees surrounding me with a safety net. The peace that I feel in a moment as I look around at gods beauty in the night. I lay on the ground resting my head back, letting go of all my problems and worries. Focusing in a peace of mind. Hearing a sound of an owl flapping his wings, flying all around the woods so freely in the wilderness. The owl flew tore’s me, sat on my shoulder. I jumped with fear, frighten of the unknown of not being use to. I looked closely as my fear went far away. The owl looked at me as he sat on my shoulder. I turned slowly to look at the owl in his big beautiful eyes. The beauty of this creature eyes had a thankful joyful meaning. I can see in his eyes that there is hope. The owl turned looking far out in the woods. Looking up seeing the bright full moon, giving a light of joy. The owl eyes looked at me with a reminder with meaning. The owl turned, flew off my shoulder with wide wings of strength off into the nightly sky, disappearing far in the distance. I smile at the experienced at how much my heart was touch by the peace in such a beautiful simple moment of the real meaning of gods purpose.’