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‘Old Soul From A Young Soul Always A Young Soul In A Old Soul’-

By JonteTheArtist

‘Over the years growing from a young soul into an old soul. Old soul, always within A young soul.’

‘Young soul always within an old soul. Confuse from all the wrong words from different paths coming all at once. Easily convince by the distractions that hurt badly, that scar the soul so deeply emotionally.’

‘Hurting others with the wrong words out of protection from the soul. Couldn’t find closure that was there in front of the eyes. Held so much pain in a soul from the hurt that others cause. The soul, growing up over the years so maturely. Seeing what It couldn’t see before. All the pieces comes together in unity. The eyes open wider everyday. Still learning, still working on how to deal with life for what it is.’

‘The important meaning in life from the soul, making the world a better place. The soul, finding a resting place in a purpose, Gods purpose. The soul hunger for love. God feeds the soul with love. Bringing the soul to a place of gods presence. Spiritual wisdom and knowledge feeding the soul.’ 

‘A beautiful soul learning, getting better everyday. Feeling the joy from the soul, going forward. The young soul, still within the old soul, the old soul in the young soul, going forward, growing up, getting better, being impacted everyday with joy.’