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‘Two Hearts Belonging As One’- By JonteTheArtist

Energies combined together from across different parts of the earth.

Feelings leading two paths to cross over together.

Flying all around the air silently, finding, searching for that special someone.

Coming as one, finding that half heart that’s missing.

Searching for that piece of heart that fits together as one.

Some where over the hill, coming far from the distance within the sunset.

Seeing the beauty of this life, In this moment, someone

So special, so lovable. Coming as one in the near future.

 That time comes, The pure waters bringing two loves

together unexpectedly. Picking beautiful white daisys from the

garden in happiness. Simple moments that’s unforgetful.  Leading to

the future of treasures. Brightness in hearts of love, here to stay.

Belonging together as one forever.