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‘Never Ending Train Of Discourage In Hope’

 ‘Early morning, Looking far in the distance through the fog. Everything is unclear, Waiting In the shadows of no where.  No one is in sight, no where to be found. Walking in a silence, making my way through the quietness unnoticed. Falling down hard on the ground, waking me up, seeing the unclear. Looking at the train tracks, in front of my eyes, following the long tracks that stretches far ahead. Getting up, standing high with boldness, seeing with open eyes. Turning around looking the other way. The long train goes pass me really fast, passing me by, as I jumped with fear. Looking at the train far Ahead, disappearing into the wilderness. The fear took over me like a tear that flows from my eyes, from the pain that hunts me everyday. Discourage, losing hope, losing faith, feeling weak. Coming to a place of understanding the real life, accepting myself, respecting myself. Missing the ride, feeling left behind. Coming to that place, of never giving up. Next time it’s coming back around, I won’t be discourage, I’ll be confident. Accepting life, learning from what I miss, but it’s never-ending to teach me, impacting me. The never-ending train came back around, stopping for me and others. I smile, My discourage turn to courage.’