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SUNP0213‘Lovers Dream In A Hopeful Flow’– By JonteTheArtist

The streams of water connected us into an unexpected, bringing our paths together. Disappearing into a passion. Tooken away high into a canyon, so hidden far, unnoticed from the earth. The big steep hills rose above our heads into a covering. Our eyes piercing each other into a deep comfortable setting over the rainbow. The sunset rose as we both close our eyes into a freely fantasy. Opened our eyes gently into a water fall, coming down in a beauty of emotions. Walking into a green grass field so far within a distance, that can’t be seen in front of our every step we take into that next dream. Our hope is there for more and what we hope for. The tree planted in our heart, grows from the soil on and on into no where. Still confuse in the making of ever becoming whole again.