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                                ‘A love Hurt Betrayal’-    By JonteTheArtist

‘Holding hands into a new journey together. Running into harmony, Laughing into a wonder land. Both fell into a rose garden of happiness. Smiling into the moment of happiness. Both laid there, Looking at the blue sky into a peace of mind. Rain came down hard Into a vision. Turned to look into the beauty of eyes, Disappearing from the Side. Calling a name through the beauty of mother nature. No where to be found. The frustration wraps around with a force of thunder. So strong in a control within it’s battle. This war of Love Pierce with deep wounds. The trees in the heart fell hard from the earth quake of pain and sorrow. The falling red rose died as it touched the ground in an ending. The rivers go around the eyes from the water fall, coming from a pure pain deep in the Soul. The sun comes back again into A new beginning. The past leaves in the night. The next day is a new day, starting over as the pain Leaves the heart. Learning from the journey of a broken heart, into a brand new path going forward.’