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Art/Photography-By JonteTheArtist

‘Drowning In Emotional Sorrows Of Sadness’

By JonteTheArtist

‘It’s a thunder raining dark day.

I’m in my room all alone in the dark, with the door shut.

I’m save in this hiding place, alone is my escaped.

Taking time away from you has me thinking.

My heart and soul, My emotions takes over me.

I don’t like this burden on my shoulders.

I don’t like the pain in my heart from being away from you.

I don’t like the sadness that dominate me.

The tears comes from my eyes.

Wondering where did we go wrong.

Should I keep hiding myself from you like I don’t exist?

Do you care?

I want your comfort.

I want you to tell me that you think about me.

I want to know if you care.

I want to know if you are sad.

Can we ever get back to where we was?

Time heals everything.

Time by my self to heal.

Time by your self to heal.

We both have to wake up.

No more fighting.

Hope that we both see eye to eye.

Lets heal, Lets go back to that happy light joyful place.’