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This is a poetry piece from my book I’m creating, called ‘African Princess’. There’s a scene in my book where the character Malaika goes on a journey. Malakia searches for her mom that left her when she was an infant.  Malakia gets off the bus in Kisumu Africa. She day dreams into the beautiful scenery in front of her, looking at the mountains, thinking about her mom. This is the poetry piece that Malakia speaks in her mind as she day dreams.

  “Closer On A Journey To A Missing Soul”

 By JonteTheArtist

‘Staring clear far into the winds. Wondering miles across the mind of memory. The rainbow over the clouds is in company of the sun that rose. The energy in a peaceful feel of a loving kindness. The words has not been spoken. Waiting to hear the words. Preparing for the words to fly into an understanding. Curiosity of how  the  water fall of pain is going to flow through the soul that cried from the streams so deep within. Coming closer, not sure of ever coming back to a place of seeing where the making of me came to life. Looking at the trees blowing to a lite beautiful tune, bringing the clouds into A slow dance. The dirt from the sandy grounds blowing all around the air covering the picture that appeared In my mind and been erase many times.  No words, No answers from that missing piece that never ever appeared. My hope builds up again in a stronger way of becoming this far into getting the answers in a life long future that’s still the beginning.’