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‘A Hurtful World In A Blindness Covering’

By JonteTheArtist

‘Your words cut through me like a knife, piercing my heart into pieces. Living in your bubble is what you use to within your flesh that covers your eyes. Your blindness is your dark robe. You can’t see was ahead in the beauty of the light that’s in front of you over the steep hills of the mountains. You played my mind as I was weak in this battle. My soul hurts deep down from your selfish actions and ways of not seeing what you should see. You came back for more, as you desire my being. You threw me down that long hill, cutting me down and down. Making me feel like I’m stupid but I see very clearly. I speak the words that’s true into life. You are stuck in a world that’s yours in your way. The wall is up between me and you. You ex my words away with fire that stings. Get out the forest, see what’s behind the trees, A world so big that can open your mind to understand others and care.  Wake up, open your eyes. Wake up, Look what’s over your head, the beautiful blue cloudy sky is a blessing. Your ways isn’t peace at all. Your way is pushing so many away with pain. You can’t be the one for me in this tornado you created. Look at your reflection that’s looking back at you. Examined you, work on you that’s within.’