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‘A New Beginning Into More Greatness To Come’- By JonteTheArtist

‘The White beautiful clouds, looking down on me. I Look up at the clouds, an angel with blue eyes, reaches out his hand, lifting me up into a brand new me.  I look around seeing nothing but blue waters surrounding me. The angel looked into my eyes, holding my face with a gentle touch, telling me that everything is gonna be good and God hears prayers. The tears comes down from my eyes with joy as I feel a peace come over me. The angel takes my hand, walking me into a world of happiness. I feel so save.’

‘Centuries ago a war in the hearts took over, dominating souls. Confuse in a lost direction of where to get the comfort, The wisdom, The knowledge. Darkness took over but God was always there to get all the souls through his strength. At the end of the dark tunnel, There is a light. I snapped out the past, as I opened up my eyes in a forgetfulness, back to real reality.’

‘The angel looks at me still and says, welcome, this is now, that was then, you are now in good hands. I looked around at all the beauty around me, feeling so thankful for gods love. Feeling balanced, Feeling peaceful, Leaving all the bad behind, walking into a new beginning. The angel blue eyes still staring at me with joy. I kiss the angel on his cheek. The angel opens his arms, hugging me with comfort. The light shines brightly, Gods smiling so brightly with love, joining in the love, with an extra big hug and more joy happily ever after.’