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FOT796F‘Letting Go’

By JonteTheArtist

‘Letting go isn’t easy.

Letting go is painful.

Protecting myself from this pain that happened many times.

My protection is the wall that covers me from the fire that burnt me.

Taking myself away from this secret world that complicated things, trickery in a game that I couldn’t deal with.

The confusion took over me like a wind so strong, throwing me into a scary place of distraction of no peace.

Coming back for more, as I thought it was really love, but it was just a big black steep hill, that refuse to catch me as I fell deep down non stop into a hard rocky ground that broke my heart.

Feeling down alone as I drowned in my sorrows, no one there to wiped my tears.

     Letting go, as I think how stupid I was to keep running back and back for more to nothing that wasn’t really ever there for me, but heart-break.

I become the voice of reason, but your ears was shut off, as you act like I never exist.

I stand up with confidence as I let go and say, I deserve better. 

Letting go, as I miss the good times that use to be. Letting go as I pray for peace.

Letting go as I be the bigger person, bringing positivity.

Letting go, as I focus on my life, searching for whats more important and why I’m here on earth.

Letting go as I don’t want these deep romantic feelings anymore for a person that doesn’t really care for me.

           Blocking everything out, getting use to a new beginning of getting use to being by myself, doing my part,moving on with my life.

Letting go, as I don’t care anymore about the pain that was cause. 

        My heart goes on to big and better things, as I get stronger and stronger everyday, learning something new everyday.

Letting go as I move on, I move on, I move on, shouting with joy.

Letting go, I’m at peace.’