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FOTC137 (1)

     ‘A Full Moon In Reality Of The Now’

By JonteTheArtist

‘Looking up into the beauty of treasure. My mind rewind back time. How I imagine the great memories as I desperately wanted it to be forever within a peace. Asking myself how did I get here all alone in such a cold place of a dark shadow.  Falling from a high dark mountain, Hitting the ground hard, as my body laid there, I see nothing but dark. You didn’t grabbed my hand as I fell. You didn’t try to save me. Wondering if all the fun and laughs we had, was real. Your beauty words, as you said, “I’m loved”, You miss me and you care but not sure if those words are from your soul. Haven’t looked into your eyes in so long cause you disappeared from your fear of facing the guilt your heart feels from the anger you strike me with. Not feeling love as I thought you loved me in the past but this is now. You wasn’t there with me through thick n’ thin. You are not here through my pain I feel. I always wish for the best as my mind create a picture of everything coming back together in a beautiful light that looks upon us with love. My hope is joy. My joy is hope. Coming back to reality, Looking around, It’s just me and the moon. Looking from under the tree, through the tree leaves and branches, I see the moon shining. I forget the pain that’s in my heart as I see how great God is and how loving and compassion he is. You may not love me but God loves me. God takes over with his might. Releasing his presence, as my soul feels peace in this moment. I know everything is going to be good.’