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‘Peace Always Comes Around Again’

By JonteTheArtist

Life has a mixture of different events within this circle globe.  A risk within this thunder-storm and tornado comes in a huge power with a force.  Finding that comfortable place that’s considered save in your mind. Every where is a risk, no place to run, no place to hide in this flesh.

God gives each and every one strength to face the difficulties. No matter how many times the pain comes around. No matter how many times stress comes around. No matter how many times tragic comes around. No matter how many times hurt comes around. No matter how many times your heart gets broken. All the bad things that ever happen to each of us, teaches us and makes us better stronger people. God is our comfort. God is our protector. God brings peace again no matter what. Peace is here always. Joy leads to peace, peace leads to joy.

This world wasn’t met to be perfect but it can be a better world.  We drown in our tears from all the pain that occur from our younger years until now as we all grow into adults. This river of tears is from the pain in our hearts that we felt, that others cause.

In this life it’s always going to be pain and problems but within God, God protects and that pain isn’t so bad, cause you’re in Gods presence. Deal with life the way God wants. Lives the way God wants. Be all that God wants. Live for God. The storm pass, now peace has arrived. Many blessings to come.  Theres an after life. The after life is Gods heavens, eternity, victory we all have in that place that’s peace with god and love, happiness forever. Peace is back again. Peace is here. Rejoice in God.