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‘What It Was Within This Dream Wasn’t Really What It Was In True Reality’  

By JonteTheArtist

There was a bright light shining far away from a distance like a beautiful dream. Everything else disappeared, leading me into a new unusual world. There was joy, laughter, happiness, fun. Coming into a world wind, I became open to what I thought you really was, an angel. We flew into a new beginning together. Bringing me into your world, that I thought was magical. So amazed of all your talents and gifts that god bless you with. You became higher than me as you couldn’t see my specialness as I seen yours. It was all about you. Time flew by like the beautiful birds in the early mornings. I had to learn the hard way of who you really was, cause I didn’t take the time to study the real you. You took my hand into a risk, as I wasn’t sure if my heart was aware of what was to come. You only wanted your satisfaction. We both flew into the clouds of fun and freedom. I still didn’t know who you was but for what I seen, I became attached to your charm and you became attached. Not knowing whats real with you as you held so much in from me. I finally started to see the beast in you from within. You couldn’t face my deep hearted compassion of me fighting through this jail that you put me in. You wanted the control, as it was all about you. I seen more and more of the ugliness as time move pass us more and more. Your words slash my soul really hard and deep. Looking around, not knowing how I got here. We both standing on this high mountain top. Sharing great moments together, looking at the water from a high, looking down at this beautiful water fall. The water was so blue and clear. The water rushes down the water fall with a sureness of what it wanted but you live in a confuse state in your heart and mind, as you never ever knew what you wanted and whats been standing in front of you all this time in front of your face.  Your eyes are blind. As I looked into the water fall at the beauty, you stood behind me on a high mountain. You pushed me off the high mountain, my body fell down, down all the way down, such a long dropped, as my body floated, hitting the water fall really hard.  My body fell down into the deep water, touching the ground inside the water. Looking up through the clear water from under, I see the beautiful color fishes swimming by me. I see through the water, the high mountain that I fell from. I can see you still standing there on the high mountain, looking down at me without no care and sympathy in your heart. You laughed and then turn to walk away. The tear runs down my face as my body is still laying under water. One tear came down and the tear made the whole water fall sparkle. All the angel fishes came by me to comfort me. I woke up, as my head came up fast, my eyes opened. I noticed it was all a bad dream but I ask myself, how did I get here on this beautiful beach. I noticed I was laying on a sandy beach. All I had on was shorts. My bare chest and feet, felt the comfortable sand. I looked around and there was no one in sight. The big waves of the water made a clear relaxing sound, as it pass through the water. The water was very blue. I looked up at the sky, seeing a bright light shining down, from the sunset. Then I looked down next to me in the sand, there’s white daisies growing out the sand, looking up at me. My heart smiles and feels the peace. I knew that God was there, watching over me, comforting me. I’m still alive, as I got through the journey of pain from what you cause. You disappeared as you couldn’t face the pain you cause. I’m not sure who you are anymore. You abandon me, love doesn’t live here anymore. It was all a bad dream. You don’t really exist but in the dream you did. It’s over as I go forward into a new beginning. I don’t look back, as I walk into the future. Walking into the light with god.