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Photography-By JonteTheArtist

                                         ‘I’m More Than One Word’

‘I’m sensitive sometimes but that don’t define my being. I’m sad, I get emotional within this pure rain.  I’m happy, I’m full of joy. I get mad, irritated, I get cranky. I’m very goofy with a sense of humor, I laugh loud. I have been selfish before. I have my bad days but I also have good days. I smile, I laugh, but I cry, I shut down. The flowers outside blooms with grace as the sun shines down. My heart is touch from Gods presence, I get up with strength, as I know I’m human. My mistakes I see clearly, as my eyes open to a new beginning through each age, through each journey, I get stronger and better as a human. Doing the best I can, Learning from all my mistakes. Turning more positive, from knowledge and wisdom. I’m always going to make mistakes but the more I learn from them, the better I become as a human, positivity comes flying in. The judgement from others is negativity, very worldly. The thunder-storm strike very hard, as I got knocked down hard, Feeling weak. I get angry, I have yelled. My weakness doesn’t define me but I’m also strong and confident, I always get back up again through gods strength. I didn’t love myself before but I Love myself now. I’m special, I’m wonderful. I stood by this tall beautiful tree when I was a child, the tree is god creation, I then knew there was god watching over me. Looking at the beautiful sky, there’s a peaceful moment that came over me, I see that beautiful yellow light. I know its ok. No matter what, God has mercy on me, God loves me as his child, no matter how many mistakes I made in my life. I’m god child. God is Love, God is righteousness, God is peace, God is joy, God is victory, God is knowledge, God is wisdom, God is forgiven. I was made in Gods image, I’m more than one word.’