‘Lessons Of A Broken Heart’SUNP0053

Art Piece- By JonteTheArtist-‘Dream Couple’

‘I was broken but now I’m up again through God strength. Looking within myself as a human being, becoming wiser, learning from wisdom. Things happens for a reason. Trying to get it right from all the pain that happened to me over and over again. I look at myself, wondering what I can do better. When you broke my heart, I know I don’t want to break hearts. This makes me better and better as a human, from the pain I feel, I don’t want anyone to feel the rocks falling hard, crushing hearts very hard. Can you look your self in the mirror? Can you comprehend the pain you cause? I turn around, you disappeared into the wilderness without a word and sound. Moving on in this life as the wind takes me forward past this pain that was, this is now, it’s a brand new day. The pain went away like it never existed. The light shining through the cloudy dark sky, open my eyes to a bright future, that’s about to come. I still have hope. My broken heart isn’t going to hold me prison in my own heart. I drown in my tears and sorrows but then God lift me up and comfort me. Learning to pray for those who hurt me.  I don’t judge them and label them. They don’t know any better. Going through life with a blinded eye, soon that eye will open and they will see and regret. My heart opens as I forgave. I’m seeing a beautiful life no matter how rocky it gets sometimes. I always get stronger as I fall and fall but I’ll get back up again. Gods love is pure and special. Now peace comes as I moved on up the rocky hill. I look down seeing all of the world. The beautiful white bird flying high in the sky so freely around the mountains and the green leave tall trees. Looking at peace in its own, I smile as I’m inspired, it gives me hope. Gods peace came again, as I lived in this moment, forgetting about yesterday, My heart is free again.’