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‘The Beginning Of A Rocky Journey Into Open Eyes’

‘Looking around by myself, searching for that missing piece. The world feel so empty, so quiet. Alone in this space, in a forest that early morning. The trees sky dive above my head, partly disappeared in the fog. Can’t see that far within the distance. The sky, so cloudy. The sun sleeps in a presence, no where to be found. The birds chirping as they fly around the sky. The ground is so steep. Looking around as I see the beauty all around me but not accepting. Heading on this journey as I walk slowly, further I get through the fog, things appeared out of no where. I see a tall white unicorn, as I get closer. I see two little girls in white flowing dresses. The two little girls have a basket of white daisies, covering the ground with the daisies, as they run across the forest, giggle ling, as they disappeared into the fog, further into the forest. I stopped in my steps, bending down to pickup one of the daisies. I looked closely at the daisy glowing. I looked up, I see far across the forest, an angel through the fog. The angel was very tall and bold. The angel wings are spread out on each side. The light covers the angel face partly. I can see the angel long hair blowing in the breeze. The angel energy was calling me to follow. I ran through the fog, as I seen the angel going further away, disappearing into the fog. I see a trail of daisies on the ground going South of the forest. The two little girls appeared again, as they ran through the forest, throwing daisies on the ground, making a path. I followed and followed that path, running and running. I fall over a rock. It’s pitch black, My eyes are close. Opening my eyes slowly, seeing the light glowing in the sky. I stand up, looking around, noticing the fog is gone. Everything is so clear around me. Lots of daisies are on the ground, covering the ground fully. I see the beautiful rainbow in the sky. Big beautiful mountains in front of me. The beautiful white unicorn is standing in front of the mountains. I Take it all in, with emotion. I slowly turn around to see the tall beautiful angel looking into my eyes. His wings around my body, hugging me. The two little girls looked up at me and smile. Spreading their wings, They begin to fly around the mountains. The angel touches my back, holding my hand. I looked down, noticing I’m off the ground, high in the air. I have wings, me and the angel fly all around the sky. This path is beautiful and joyful. The dream came true, as I followed into a new chapter. God blessings for my life has blossomed. My eyes are opened.’