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‘We Are The Children Of Love’

‘Standing….. in the early morning brisk of a beautiful breeze. Looking up at the water waves within the sky. The beautiful babies being created in the heavens, as one is born each day, every minute is joy. Mother Nature sings with love. The light of the world is welcoming with open arms. The tall mountains blinded the view of the future far a head. No matter how big and steep the hills are far in the distance. No matter how many times they fall. No matter how hard it hurts. God gives strength to accomplished something, to get back up again. The grass is greener on the other side, Hope opened their eyes. Peace surrounded their souls, feeling save. The desert awakens in happiness. The sunrise arrives with the message of encouragement. Flowers bloomed with the surrounding of knowledge. Inspiration passes all around a new generation. Sacrifices opened doors of blessings from God. Following on the right path to a Journey of victory. Each and everyone is special. Bringing Heaven every where, influences all in a positive way. God is love. God is everywhere. We are God children.’