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‘After Dawn’
‘Nothing but pitch dark that surround me. Trapped within a horror of a dark space. My phobia takes over me.’ Becoming fragile as the past hunts me from the bitterness that filled my heart. I can’t move from the weakness that beat me in this war. The bad spirit stares at me in the eyes, wanting to eat me alive. I begin to feel alone in this scary place. Start to get fed lies that there isn’t love for me. Everything around me starts to look bad. Feeling invisible, don’t know where I belong. I couldn’t see the love from the pain and hurt that blinded me since birth. Coming up from this deep black pain, climbing my way back up, looking far into the distance. Over the mountains early that morning, sunrise awakens. The orange bright sky smiles at me. The bright light comforts me. I felt encourage, a peace, a joy that came over me. Waking up after dawn, the sky is bright, I can see clearly now, My eyes are wide open. Yesterday is in the past. Today is a new day. The sunrise is fully up, watching over all. God made each day inspirational. Things always gets better in time. We all get stronger from God strength.’