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                      ‘Rising Above The Times Of Dark Ages’

 ‘A town…. so far away in the eyes of dust. The dust blinded the eyes of their future. A little shy kid with a big heart of gold, unseen in the dust, feeling like he don’t belong. A teenager looks at herself in the mirror but can’t see her beauty within. The magazine on the counter top, made her insecurities go up on the scale. A poor family do what they can to survive, looking for that next meal of freedom. A guy in the hospital with cancer, fighting to stay alive. A married couple divorce, after many years of being together. A little girl bullied at school for being different. Friendships broken everywhere. Killings hunted the souls that rested. Robbers took life from every hand that held tight. Wars breakout unnoticed for their hurt. The dark smoke surrounds the air over this town. The pain of cries gets louder and louder. Everything pauses from the pain that numb them. The guy in the hospital that had cancer rises with angel wings, bringing A bright light that shines over the town, so pure and clear. The little shy kid build confidence, coming into his own, fitting in. The teenager looks in the mirror, realizing that beauty comes in all kinds and that beauty starts from within. loving herself, knowing that she is special. The poor family got bless with a home and food. The married couple renews their marriage. The little girl is no longer bullied. She has a voice, helping others, giving back to stop the bullying. Friendships are renew. Everyone made up, coming together in one, making the world a better place. Gods strengthen them, God love filled them. The music in their ears coming from a church far away over the hill. Everyone singing ‘Our God Is an awesome God. There’s always hope in each storm, through each storm we all will rise …. we will rise above and beyond…God is a loving caring God….We will rise..’