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‘Life Is A Journey’

        ‘Seeing the pure shine reflecting from the rocks that’s under my feet, covering the ground into an open welcome. The distance all around me doesn’t lead to any where. It’s all desert in the middle of no where. My risk is brave. The beauty of Nature lets me into their world that is comforting. I’m free by myself in this peaceful moment. The further I walk, the more I see clearly. The green cactus didn’t except me, its thorns that cut my finger, separated me from coming closer. The different color flowers, bloomed very fully, with an open entrance. The green leaves on the bushes, gave meaning to life of the earth going green, making a difference. Walking further, I see the steep hills. My energy takes me up and down these hills. I fall over a big rock with fear. My heart feels better now that I over came that battle. Back to reality, walking further and further. Looking behind me, everything is down hill. Didn’t realized I was on top of a high mountain now. I can see from this high mountain that I walked pretty far. I sat on this high mountain very proudly. White Dandelions grew all around me on the mountain top. The sun is fully out, Standing still in its own. A breeze blows across the quiet desert. The wild rabbits runs all around the desert very freely. The birds in the sky, fly with faith. I looked away, staring into a peaceful mind. Feeling good, I can see clearly. I just stare, taking it all in. I stare far into the distance, behind the mountains. There’s always more to learn, more to see. Wisdom leads paths, Knowledge makes wise people. I take it all in, looking up at the sky smiling. So bless…..’