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‘I Stand Still’

Opening up the front door into a new day. The sun is bright with love. Feeling the wind breeze blowing through’ my hair, my skin feels a great smooth touch, Feeling at ease and relax. The wind chimes hanging on the patio, moving with the wind breeze to their own song. I take it all in with joy and appreciation of Gods love. I stand still….I stand still with my head up high in the love that flows through the earth. Everyone in its own as their relaxation takes them on a peaceful journey. The older man sitting in the corner looking into an existence. He smiles with joy from his heart, bringing great influences to a new generation, he stand still watching in happiness. The kids running around in the neighborhood playing ball. Their happiness comforts those around them. Their laughs bring the parents to laugh, passing on the positivity all around, They stand still into the making of blessings. Standing proud of their accomplishments of being parents. “Dinner is ready!”, the single mom yells out to her kids up the street. The kids run tore’s her, giving her a big hug, they all stand still in the moment. They all sit at the table praying over the food, thanking god for this meal. After they say Amen, they stand still into a moment of thankfulness. Two best friends sitting on the patio talking and laughing, they both stand still at the joy that they both share together. Taking Gods love in all around. My eyes open very widely. I can see very clearly. God positivity influences us all. People influences others through Gods love. The trees stand still in their beauty. The birds are flying like angels. This is God love. Taking it all in, I look with joy. I ‘stand still watching. I stand still… I…. stand still…’