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He said it first!- “I lOVE YOU!!”  

‘It’s 7 AM in Manhattan New York. Taxi drivers, beeping their horns in crowded traffic. So many people cross the street at the same time. So many are in line to ride the subways. Everyone is rushing to get to work. So many people started out the day at the café on 35 W, 45th St, Getting coffee and bagels before the work day starts. The smell of freshly made coffee is brewing in the back of the cafe kitchen. The long line that’s at the cash register is getting longer and longer. A lady in the line looks at her watch as the aroma of the brewing coffee takes over the whole cafe, everyone patients is getting more un patient. Each and everyone wanted coffee really bad and lots of hot freshly bagels right out the oven. A tall skinny white professional man in a gray suit and red strip tie, glasses and trim short brown hair, holding a tray of two coffees and two plates of bagels, walks pass a whole bunch of people that’s in the line, to get to his table. He accidentally bumps into a construction heavy-set built man. “WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING FOOL”, the heavy-set guy said in a deep voice. He said “sorry” as he kept heading to his table by the window. He takes off his glasses, taking a deep breath from that scary bump accident that just happened. He felt so relieve that he didn’t get beat up on this crazy hectic morning. He looked down at his watch as the clock almost strike 7:30 AM. Waiting for his girl friend that he was supposed to meet up with around this time before work. A blond hair lady walks in through the crowded café, wearing a dress, professional. “TODD….”, The lady said loudly. Todd turns around, looking very happy, as he stands up to hug her and then kisses her. “Diane…” Todd said. They both meet eyes for a while. “Oh… sit down.. get comfortable.. I brought us two coffees and some bagels,” Todd said. Diane sits as she stares at the bagels. “Uuummm…..” I…” I…” don’t like to eat bagels in front of people.” “You remember?” “The big cheek face..” ” I eat them alone like a pig, sitting on my bed in my room watching reruns of ‘Sex And The City.” “I also like to eat chicken wings alone and ice cream and pizza…” “Messy foods only.” “I like to eat the messy foods alone , so I wont…”wont …” feel embarrassed,” Diane said, with an embarrassed look. Todd looks at her and then cracks up laughing. Diane starts to laugh to. “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA”.. “That explains why you wouldn’t eat your dinner the other day at Detroit pizza, you ask for a to go box,” Todd said in a joke tone. They both laugh and laugh. Todd looked Diane in the eyes as he held her hand across the table. “Look Diane, I wanted to meet you here for a reason cause there is something that I need to tell you.” “I know we been together for a year now but I’m falling more and more for you everyday.” “I want to be every where you are, including sitting in the bed with you, eating ice cream and pizza all day, watching reruns of ‘Sex And The City’ all day.” “I want to stare into your eyes forever.” “These are not just words but words from my soul, my actions.” “I was afraid of getting into a relationship and feeling the feelings of compassion that I feel for you but when you really know what love is and what you really want forever, then how can I anor it?” ” How can I be a fool to not want to feel what I feel for someone who is special, sitting in front of me?” “Your eyes are like the sunshine that shines over the hills of the mountains at sunrise and I want to wake up to that sunrise.” “Diane, this is what I want to tell you and I think it’s a great time.” “I love you…” Diane looks with excitement, looking speechless, looking deep into Todd blue eyes. She knew that it felt right. Her heart was full and full of happiness. “Todd, I love you to.” “I feel like you do but I guess I was waiting for you to say it first all this time cause you’re the guy.” Todd looking at Diane, looking confused. Diane starts to explained herself. “I know it’s weird but I guess growing up with a house full of stubborn females, they all said that the guy is the one to do everything and most of all say ‘I love you first.” “I was so dumb to listen to them, it actually doesn’t matter who says it first, it matters that we both feel the same feelings the same way.” “I loved you from the first day I laid my eyes on you Todd.” “I been wanted to tell you that, this is great timing.” Todd reaches down in his pocket. Everyone in the crowded café is sitting at the tables now, the line is smaller now. Todd gets on one knee in front of Diane, holding a small box in his hand. “Diane, my love…” “Will you marry me?” Diane starts to tear up with joy. “YES!!!!!!…” “YES!!!!!….”, Diane jumps up and hugs Todd, as Todd stands up. They both kiss and kiss. Everyone in the café looking and cheering, clapping their hands. Todd and Diane looks around the café. “I YELLED IT OUT, EVERYONE THIS IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, WE ARE GETTING MARRIED..WHOA..YA..BABY..”, Todd said in excitement. A few months later Todd and Diane had a private wedding with just their families. Todd And Diane standing in front of the preacher as they both say their vows. After that, the preacher said “You may kiss the bride.” Todd took off his glasses and gave Diane a big tongue kiss. They both walk down the aisle as all their family members cheer them on and follow them outside to their limo. Todd and Diane told their family bye as they both got into their limo together, driving off. The limo guy ask “Where to?” “The airport”, Todd said. Diane looked at Todd. “I have a surprise, the honey moon is going to be in Hawaii,” Todd said. Diane looking excited and Todd smiles. Todd pour wine in two glasses. “Lets make a toast to forever, me and you”, Todd said. Todd and Diane touch glass and then they drink. “I LO..” No..”, Todd was about to say but then Dianne cuts him off. “I love you Todd.” “I Love you to Diane.” “After the honey moon, I want us to sit in bed together and have pizza and bagels, chicken wings, cake, ice cream, ribs, barbecue, chocolate, all the messy foods and watch reruns of ‘Sex And The City,” Todd said. They both laugh. “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.” “You know the most messy food is sloppy joes,” Diane said. “Oh you want to have a rib contest on the bed, to see who can get messy?” Todd said in a playful way. “Ok it’s on..” Diane jokes around. Diane lay her head on Todd shoulder as they both smile. “Wow.. I love you Todd.” “I love you Diane. ” I love you.” They both go back and forth. “I loved you first.” “No I love you first. They both say at the same time “I love you!” “HA HA HA HA” They both laugh. The limo is almost at the airport as Diane and Todd sit in the back seat just staring at each other in the eyes with love. The sign in the back of the limo window says ‘MARRIED FOREVER IN LOVE AND HAPPINESS- ‘ LOVE YOU’
The end’