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‘Twins Of Oz’
‘Two streams came face to face as one. Their own pink glittery river was their play ground. Their spirits followed each other down a bright yellow brick road that was so long. Looking for that place that they can call home. Walking pass the tall trees over the hills of gold, Everything was made out of candy. Their first taste of sweetness touch their hearts. Looking at each other closer and closer, they see the same person. Their mirror was each other reflection. Their white dresses moved against the light breeze, as the white snow flakes fell gently from the sky. Their brown hair was in two braids with white bows. Their shoes were red and glittery. Their skin was white as snow. Candy fudges apples hung from the candy trees. Chocolate peanut butter cups grew from the bushes. Bubble gum piled on the steep hills a head. They both dance together like ballerinas, spinning around. They ate lots of candy and drunk soda pop from the river. They spin and spin around, they both started to get dizzy and dizzy and dizzy…. Their vision blurs, everything looks blurry…… There’s a bright light shining down from the blue sky. They see through their blur vision, a tall beautiful man, that has a long white robe on, with a beard and long brown hair, bright skin, long angel wings. Their vision gets more blurry from the bright light in front of them, they fall gentle on the ground. The angel touches their faces gently as they both fell deeply into a sleep. The angel carries them home on the yellow brick road into the bright light. Their spirits flow into the making, they’re born again. They opened their eyes, They are now both infants, Their cry sounded like angels hymns. The doctor smiles with joy, holding both of the infant twins in his arms, one on each side. The doctor says, “TWINS!! WOW!!! TWO GIRLS!!! CONGRATUALATIONS!! The twins mom lays there in bed after giving birth to the twins, crying with joy of happiness. The dad by her side, looking proud. “Their angels from above, before this life, God had this all planned out, we are blessed to have two bundle of joys.” “God knew what was going to happen before we all existed before this life,” The new parents said. The mom held one twin in her arms and the dad held the other one in his arms. “What should we name them,” The dad said. “Dorothy and Dora,” They look so adventurous.” The two baby twins eyes brightens, looking at each other eyes as the dad and mom still held them in their arms. Deep in their eyes is that bright yellow brick road that led them home. They remember the life before this life, God smiles down on them with blessings, bringing joy. This is home, this is home. “They’re our ‘Twins Of Oz,” The mom said with love.