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  'Lonely Shepherd'

'A little shy kid, laying on the green grass, looking up at the sunny blue sky. Staring into his imaginary world, it's his escaped. No one, no houses in sight. Only one cloud in the sky and the sun. He day dreams, His relaxation makes him feel like his body is floating up and up into the sky. Out of no where, a loud sound of a huge thunder-storm comes in. The sky gets darker and darker, the rain pours down very hard. The little kid still laying on the grass, closes his eyes, as he got soaking wet. His eyes stayed close, nothing but pitch black. A loud voice calls out his name "John!!!!"... "JOHN!!!!"........ John wakes up from a dream, in a nightly sweat, coming back to reality. His dad stands in front of him in his room, next to the bed. John sitting up in his bed, looking up at his dad. Smells a strong smell of alcohol, realizing that his dad was drinking again, almost everyday after work. Alcohol took over John dad like a bad flood on a raining day, wiping out everything in sight. John dad yelled, "BOY DID YOU HEAR ME CALLING YOU?" John looking scared and confused. "Dad it's late." "Are you drinking again?" Looking up at his dad red-blooded eyes, A big monster flash before John eyes, As a big hand slapped John in the face. John fell hard off the bed on to the ground really hard, feeling blood coming from his nose. The tears flow down his face like a water fall, non stop. "You are not worth it," John dad said, as he turned around and walk away with no guilt. John mom had black bruises and swollen eyes, from the fighting that John hears late at night. John lays in his bed every night afraid in horror. Locking his door, the room is pitch black. He gets under the covers, covering his ears from the loud sounds of his mom and dad yelling at each other and throwing things, breaking things from the fights. Every time John dad gets drunk, he goes into John room. John knew what was about to happen, but the lock kept the monster from coming in. The door knob, twisted and twisted, then a loud bang at the door. "JOHN"..."JOHN"......."JOHN!!!!!!!!" Hearing the sounds louder and louder. John prayed to God every night. John got up from his bed with God strength. Opening the door to freedom, running through the hall way into his parents room, seeing his dad choking his mom really hard. John yells ANOUGH...ANOUGH!!!!!!!!"...."STOP..." John dad looked at him in shock, backing away slowly, letting go of his wife neck. John looks him in the eyes and says,"The storm is over, The rain has stopped." "Over the beautiful hills of the sunrise, is a beautiful new journey." "Life is going to get better." "I stand tall with faith, without fear now." "The name calling, the hurt, the bruises is all in the past now." "You tell me that I'm never going to be anything and I'm not worth it but I'm something cause God said so." "The night mares I have every night is all because of you." "You been the monster that hunted me and mom everyday." "It is now going to stop this second, It's over..." "It's over..." "The storm is over." "No more hurting me and my mom anymore." John mom ran over and hugged John. "I'm so sorry son that I couldn't protect you, I love you," John mom said. She cries and John tear up. John dad stands there still looking shock. John and his mom hug each other tight as the big burden lifted, it's a new day. The sunrise shined through the bed room window as a new day came. John dad packed up all his clothes, loading up the truck. John dad and mom is divorcing. John mom looking out the window at her husband loading up the truck, leaving. John dad walked out the house with out a word, with his cowboy hat on. John follows him outside. "Dad!!!... I forgive you." His dad wink an eye and smile. "Take care of your self and your mom, I'll see you soon," John dad said, as he drives off into the distance. Looking at the truck driving far away, The sand mixed in the air, the more the truck got further and further into the distance up the dirt road, John dad disappeared. John knew that he wasn't ever coming back. He question, "did my dad ever love me?", he thinks to himself. John was happy to stand tall, having the strength and the voice to make a difference in the world. The new chapter took him on a journey. Years passed, John was now a grown man. He became a successful doctor and also a counselor for kids that came from abusive homes. He speaks at events on helping kids that been abuse and also woman that's been abuse by their husbands. John has built many homes for the single moms. John knew that he wasn't going to be anything like his dad when he grew up. John sat in his back yard of his house, laying on the grass, looking up at the sky. It was sunny and only one cloud in sight. "Dad what are you doing?" John little boy runs over to him, laying next to him. John holds him, hugging him. "Hi, my little prince." John tickles his son, playing around. John beautiful wife comes out the house, looking at the moment, smiling. She came over to join John and her son. "Hi, babe," John says as he kisses her on her lips. She lays next to John and their son on grass looking at the sky. "Wait for me," John mom comes out the house smiling. "Hi mom." John mom lays next to them in the grass. They all stare up at the sunny sky. The sun shined bright, Theirs only one cloud sitting there. John and his mom, his wife and son smiles. John son look at him, "Dad why does the sun shine?" John says, "Cause it gives each of us light and god is watching over us all, no matter what bad we face, things will always get better." "God is here and I'm here for you always son, you are not alone, I love you so much." John son looks and says,"I love you to dad." John mom looks with happiness and John wife looks over with happiness. They all held hands, laying on the grass side by side, looking up at the sunny sky at the one cloud. Peace is here always.'