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‘In Life We Fall But Then We Rise’

    • ‘Standing high above a canyon, on a mountain top. My heart beats from the fear of heights. I take a deep…. breath, relaxing. I take everything all around me in, the view from this top mountain is so pure. The water flowing down the water fall is so clear. I can see through the water fall from above, as the white bubbles gives it life. The sun is bright in the sky, giving love of a peaceful mind. Within this life I’m so full, I want to live this moment on and on. I look down, as I remember what it took me, the strength to get up this high mountain. It’s going to be a long way getting back down. Life isn’t always going to be this peaceful but within this goodness, I’m living in the moment. I stand tall on this high mountain still. Unexpectedly I hear a sound from far…..away… Straight in front of me from a far distance, I see a big dark eagle with big wings, flying towards me, coming straight at me really fast. The eagle makes a loud sound, flying really fast. The closer the eagle comes to me, the more fearful I become. We both come face to face, The eagle eyes turns blood-red, his mouth blows fire at me. His wings pick me up in the air and throws me far…… down from the high mountain top, into the deep…..water fall. My weak body falls far…down, hitting the clear water really hard. I’m now under water, I can’t swim, My heart is beating really fast like a drum…bum…bum…bum…bum…. Water went into my lungs, suffocating, my voice. My life shine in front of me, as I panic. I fighted hard..HARD.. moving my arms and legs, trying to get to the top of the water. I prayed in my mind to God. I thought about God strength that got me up top of the mountain. I won’t give up, even though I got knock down again, I will always get back up. This strong struggle of trying not to drown in this water, becomes a challenge more and more. I kept faith as I fighted for my life. I drowned and drowned…. hitting the bottom, loosing breath. I see a beautiful bright light coming towards me under water. A beautiful bright little boy with wings, swims towards me. Looking in my eyes, he touches my face gently. He grabs me in his arms and then he takes off with me in his arms, shooting up fast pace, flying out the water, as I held on to him tightly, there was a big splash coming from the water fall. The eagle flew towards me and the angel. The angel defeated the eagle with spiritual weapons, The eagle flew away with fear. Back on the high mountain top, looking over the canyon, The angel stands next to me, looking into my eyes, he smiles and says, “everything is going to be good,” “God is your strength no matter how high and hard it is to get up this mountain.” “No matter how much life knocks you back down, you can over come anything through God.” I smiled, I felt alive again. The past is behind me, The trials made me strong again. I know more badness in life is to come cause it’s life but most of all, more good, more blessings is to come. Getting back on this mountain is a blessing. Keep God always, relax in him, he gets each of us through life, no matter what life brings. This mountain is very high up, but it’s beautiful, life is a blessing.’