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‘I stare’

‘I stare… I just stare… Sitting on a big rock, The clouds surrounds me.  The wind blows a light breeze. I relax… clearing out my mind. I take deep… breath from my soul, I blow out …………. I stare…I just stare… The tree leaves and branches moves with the breeze in a slow dance. The sun reflects off the green leaves, with brightness of joy. I stare… I just stare… I stare… at the rabbits running through the desert, the dirt is the color of honey, with a sweetness from the soil. The flowers and plants bloom in its own, with a fresh scent flowing in the air.  My heart is touch, I feel peace.  I stare… I just stare… at Gods creations, his beauty, his love, his blessings all around. The smiles on people faces, the joy all around is special. The small things matters to, It’s big, the thought is what counts. I stare… I just stare…Taking every moment in. I can see so clearly. I get it, that moments past but they always come, a new chapter always becomes. I don’t take anything for granted, I’m aware of the blessings all around. Taking a moment, Looking around, I can see. I stare… I just stare… with appreciation. I’m very thankful for all that God has done and created. The birds fly so high in the sky so freely, their strength is from God. I stare… I just stare… It’s beautiful, It’s amazing, It’s peaceful, It’s joyful. I stare… I just stare… I stare…’