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         FOT88AA        ‘It’s A New Day, Moving Farther Into God Purpose’

‘Waking up, I’m bless, It’s a new day. I open my blinds, moving the curtains, I look out the window. I see the beautiful light blue-green clear lake. The waves move with grace, having mercy on my eyes. The sky is so clear and sunny. The path far in the distance, I can see the boats with people, floating… into their passion of the out doors, their love for Gods creations. Their joy leads them into a clear path, a new chapter. Their peace and joy comes alive. I look and look at how peaceful everything is. I’m inspired by Gods love. God leads through us all, inspiring others. Sometimes in life we have to keep moving. We can’t stay in the same place always. There’s always that new chapter. Live moment by moment, live day by day, we are going to miss this. Be thankful for the moments. There’s a reason for everything. God has a purpose, a plan for each lives. The water moves East with the wind, sometimes West, sometimes South, sometimes North. Doors open to a new beginning. The many smiles you see along the way, The many tears we cry, The many people who gives knowledge and wisdom, The many lessons, the many mistakes on this new path that we learn from, makes us all better people. Through all that, there’s gods purpose for our life, helping others, changing the world. I smile as I’m inspired to follow the movement, I walk outside on the grass. I stand there looking at the birds flying all around the sky, finding their survival. I walk closer to the lake, I see a guy on a boat, coming tore’s me. He says “hop on, I’ll show you around on the other side of the lake.” I get on the boat. He shows me all around the lake, as we go farther miles on the other side, we see the beautiful tall mountains. We feed the fishes as they come up for food. We smile at the moment, appreciating all that God let us see, the moment is up lifting. Seeing the rabbits running across the desert, finding their own, they’re bless. We sit In the boat, looking at the sky, as we float in the middle of the lake, going farther South. There’s always more to see. We smile at the other people that’s on another boat beside ours. We wave at them, they smile. Joy is in the air. Gods love never ends, it’s forever. Going higher and higher to that destiny, that purpose, Spreading God love to others all around, we are bless, It’s a new day.’