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‘Lost Hope Within A Thunder Storm’
I looked deep into your piercing blue eyes, I see the deep blue sea that is pure with sorrows. The rain comes down from your eyes but your wall puts up a guard of toughness, you won’t surrender. Your soul is full of thunder-storms from years ago, as the black owl in the night took you as its own bait, eating off your flesh in a torture of pain, that build up in your soul more and more. I want to cure your pain, I want to hug you and tell you everything is going to be ok, but the wall you build higher than the tall tress in the woods, won’t let me in. Your response from my great words that served your soul with light, gave me hope. Your soul doesn’t have hope cause of all the blockage of pain. The leaves do fall far down from the tree but on its way down, it slows down. From the pain and bitterness that’s blocking your happiness is slowing you down. You can’t see the beautiful roses that surrounds your tree of hope. Beautiful white daisies is growing from the ground all over the land of hope and dreams. This world does have really hard and bad times but there’s also joy, love, hope, happiness. The pain that we all bear, hurts very badly like the cut from a thorn on a cactus. Walking down this quiet dessert, there’s going to be many cactus to walk pass, but you do pass it, no matter how much you get cut. Life passes by, you been through pain but peace always comes around again. You are much stronger from the pain you go through in life. I see the bridge many miles away. I look around but there’s no one in sight, no buildings, just me and the clear blue sky, the bright sun shining down. The beautiful flat lands is cover with red and pink, white rose pedals. I’m wearing all white. I’m still looking far into the distance and I see the bridge. I walk more and more, as I’m getting closer to the bridge, I see you standing there looking at me. You are wearing all white. Your beautiful piercing blue eyes shines as the tears flows down your face. The thunder-storm in your heart cleared, the light shines through your heart. Your wall is down. You open your arms wide, then we both hug each other tight. Our tears of joy runs down. The light above shines down on us with joy and love. God works through each of us to help each other, being that inspiration. There’s hope always……