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‘Tears Of An Angel’

‘He held his pain, his bitterness, his struggles, His tears deep in the streams of his soul. He began to speak from his soul, but as the words couldn’t hardly form on his lips, he begin to cry. His Godly words made an impact on the world for the best, making it a better place for all. Stones was thrown at him, as he couldn’t understand why so many was against him, when the other half was proud of his accomplishments. So much, he wanted everyone to like him, he wanted to help so many, but the misery of the world wanted to get him down, because of the crudeness of jealousy. Through the worldly flesh eyes, they’re blind but through the spiritual person eyes, they can see. He kept going forward, the more some started to hate him more, The harder he love. His pain was their pain, so he wanted to help those from his experience of the pain he felt all his life. He felt joy from the hard work he put into changing the world for the better. He walked into the struggles of survival but still kept his head high, kept god in his soul, kept joy and positivity. He seen the blessings through his struggles. Years went by, as he got much older, he loved and loved even harder, as he help those more and more with compassion. The day he died, he rest in peace. He woke up, looking around at this beautiful place, streets of gold, beautiful angels flying all around. Jesus is looking into his eyes with a welcome of joy. Tears of joy came from his eyes as he gave Jesus a big hug, they both held each other for a long time. The tears flows and flows away. Angels gather around him and jesus, as they all hymn a tune. The rain pours over the world, baptizing it with love. Someone on this day had a beautiful bundle of joy, the mom looked into her baby eyes with happiness, then she looked up at the heavens and said “Thank you.” A little boy some where on this day is in his room, staring at the rain through his bed room window. The little boy mom comes in the room and sits next to him on the bed, staring at the rain together, they both smile, looking up at the sky. Some one on this day is sitting on their patio, an older lady in her rocking chair, rocking away, as she look at the sky, watching the rain pour, she smiles and say to herself, “My husband is up heaven looking down with tears of joy with the angels, smiling away.” Rain came down harder and harder with love, On this joyous day, it kept flowing and flowing from the tears of an angel. ‘