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                                        “I Was Here

‘I was here, I seen, I felt, I lived, I been through it all. I was in the shadows, no one could see me. I was lost within these dark woods. I couldn’t see what was in front of my eyes, I miss that open door. The trees are so tall, covering my every step. I couldn’t see anything else of what’s about to come. I always wonder what is behind all these trees. What is next? I walked and walked as I can see the beauty of sunlight from a tall steep mountain that stopped me in my tracks. I sat there looking down, I can see that I’m higher than the trees that blocked me. I closed my eyes into a deep meditation, I turned around, I opened my eyes, There’s a church. I hear the beauty of the sound of Gospel music, “This little Heart Of Mine, I’m gonna Let It Shine,” The words said on and on. I noticed my clothes I had on was all white. I walked into this big church. I walked in, I could see everyone looking at me, clapping their hands, singing and worshipping God. I can see the preacher standing there, singing. I walked and walked, I was tore’s the stage. I walked up the steps. The preacher said, “Come my son, come up, welcome, you’re home, you’re home. “I got on stage, I looked, I felt the joy of all the people but something felt like it was missing. The preacher put his hand on my shoulder. I turned to look up at his face, He said, “Your soul is mine now, welcome to my place of worship, you are one of us now.” The preacher eyes turned red as fire lighted up his eyes, He grabbed my hand really tight. My heart got really frightened, feeling trapped, fear, scared. I pulled away, as I ran out the church really fast, busting out the double doors at the same time. The wind blew very hard as my body flew high into the clouds, I couldn’t see anything through the wind dust and water. I closed my eyes, my body floated and floated, as I realized I was in a deep lake, under water. I noticed the water was very clear and blue with beauty, so pure and peaceful. I had on just a cut off sheet wrapped around my body, My legs showed and my side arm. I swim up top of water, I got on to this big brown rock and sat on it. I didn’t know where I was, but I knew how save I felt and how beautiful everything is around me. I see the sun, how bright it is. The big rock I’m sitting on is shining. Everything around me is all water. I see the mountains all around far in the distance. This angel flew on to the rock and grabbed my hand. I noticed this was a little boy, that had dark hair and blue eyes. He smiled at me. He told me that he is here to take me on a journey. I felt something coming out my back, I noticed I now had angel wings. The angel took my hand as we both flew into the sky through the clouds. I can see from a high, the beauty of gods creations as we both flew all around the united states and the united kingdom. We flew into India. I noticed the poor neighbor hoods. I seen this little boy sitting in the corner. Me and the angel kneel down in front of the little boy, as we both had our hand on his head and started praying on him. The light pour on this little boy. This little boy made a difference in India from the wisdom of God. Giving the neighbor hoods food and shelter, building many houses, making all the areas, this whole country a better place. This little boy be came a missionary as he got older, making a bigger difference by inspiring others in other countries to make their country save for others to live. Me and the angel smiled on this little boy, we was full of joy to see this all happen in front of our eyes. We flew into the United states, We seen a guy about to shoot a school down. We shined the light on to the school with Gods spiritual weapons. The gun person flee away as his body turned to dust. The school was safe and sound. The Homeless people all around the world sat on the street corner looking for their next meal. Me and the angel gave them food and shelter. People around the world needed jobs, they all got bless with jobs. The smiles on their faces lighted up the world, inspiring others to give back in such a great movement, passing the love around. Me and the angel flew into the clouds. The angel looked at me and said “Good bye, the journey is over, now it’s time for you to go higher into your destiny, I’ll be with you always.” I opened my eyes, I looked around, I can see this beautiful big building in front of me. I noticed I was dress in a white suit. “I heard this familiar sound, “This little Heart Of Mine, I’m Gonna let It Shine,” This beautiful Gospel tune came from the many voices in this building. I walked in seeing different race of people from different backgrounds, Hispanics, indian, African, White, Mix, Japanese, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Asian, Every color, Every type of person came together as one unity, worshiping, praising God our father. I felt the love and welcome. I walked and walked, as I got on the stage, I looked at the preacher. He looked at me and he said, “Welcome, “You are God child and we all are God child, We all are loved, that love inspire us all to spread that love to others.” I looked at his eyes, I can see the pure blue, The godly love, compassionate heart from a pure soul. I felt God presence all around the church, I knew I belong. I looked up and said to God, “Thank you.” I was here, I seen it all and still I’m learning more and more. No matter what fire struck me in the past or how many trees blocked my path, It’s never to late for that destiny. I’m always learning more and more everyday and inspiring others, I also get inspired by others everyday to. Changing the world through God in a movement. Passing the love to others as we all inspired each other, the same way God and Jesus inspired us all. I was here and I’m still here standing strong.’