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‘Falling In Love At Sunrise’

‘Waking up this morning with joy in my heart. Thinking about you, wondering would you be there or is this the end. If you are there waiting for me in that same spot where we first laid eyes on each other, where the sun rises by the mountains in the beauty of the beach that morning, It’s forever. I couldn’t figure out if this was a dream or if this was real. Was this another life time? I so wish for the clouds to come near my head. The clouds are like your eyes, cause they stand still when looking at me with love. Walking bare footed on the nice warm moist sand, every step makes my heart warm with joy, cause I know that step brings us closer as one. The beach water is clear, so pure, so blue. I don’t see anyone in sight. The sun rises, giving me a sign that we are almost close. I have a red rose in my hand, as I’m walking and walking. I walk more and more, as my heart gets excited, I’m getting goose bumps. I see a beautiful human being with their back turn. I walk closer and closer, you turn to look at me but then my vision became blurry, All I can see is a bright light and then everything went black. “AHHHHHHHHHH… I woke up really fast. “Was this a dream?” I ask myself. Looking around, getting out the bed. I look out the window, Realizing that the sun is about to rise. This is real, that my love promised to be there right when the sun rises that morning. I ran out side really fast. I have a red rose in my hand. Running and running with all my strength, trying to make it, right when the sun rises. I kept looking at the sky by the mountains, I can see that the sun is almost awoke. I get tore’s the beach, walking on the moist sand, but I can’t see anyone in the distance a head. I started to lost hope. I started running out of breath. I called out your name very loud. All of a sudden the sun rises from behind the mountains. I still didn’t see you standing right here at this spot where we first kiss. I looked at the Rose in my hand, noticing that the Rose died and crumble in my hand. The tears came down my eyes. My heart-felt crush from the broken promise. I sat on the sand in front of the beach, looking at the waves of the water, coming near with comfort. The dead rose pedals that crumbled in my hand, flew with the wind out my hand, going freely into the distance all around. I laid in the moist sand looking at the sky above. The sun looked down on me, giving me hope. I closed my eyes, feeling so relax, falling into a deep sleep. Many minutes later, I opened my eyes slowly. I seen this beautiful person, looking into my eyes. The eyes stand still like clouds with love, looking at me. My soul mate, gave me a red rose. Laying next to me in the sand, we both kiss that said forever. This is love. “I love you,” we both said to each other, “I love you to.” We both laid down in the sand, holding each other tight, looking at the Sun in the sky. The sun rise, rises with depth and heart. Bringing light to the world. Bringing love and inspiration. We rise in the morning. Always hopes of seeing the next day, the sunrise introduces each of us. The sunrise brings people together, watching the beauty of it all. Two loves fell in love at sun rise forever and ever.’