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‘Happy Labor Day’-Short Story

‘The sun blossomed over Red Rock Canyon. The mountains stood tall over the canyon. The light fed the plants, as they grew with grace and gratitude. The Indian Village houses is made of mud and clay with roofs of brush and river cane. The Cherokee Indian labor workers and other Cherokee Indians lived in this Village In Red Rock Canyon. Adedabum(The name means ‘Sight Of Day) stared out the window looking at all the many male landscapers labor workers, working outside on the spread out field of crops. Adedabum stood 5’7 with great posture and proud. She had long dark hair. Adedabum loved day dreaming at the mountains. The light gave hope, the mountains gave meaning. Adedabum son Bidziil (Name means’ He is Strong) stood 5’5, he had short dark hair. He enjoyed helping the labor workers outside. “Osda sunalei”(Good Morning),” Bidziil said. “Osda sunalei”(Good Morning),” My love, Adedabum said as she looked out the window still in a deep thinking. “Mom, what are you staring at out there?” Adedabum prepares breakfast, setting the table. “Just doing a lot of thinking,” Adaedabum said as she took the fry bread out the oven. Adaedabum kneel down tore’s her son and held his face with two hands gentling, looking into his eyes. ” I had a dream, God spoke to me in that dream.” “He said that he wants to use me to make a big difference out here in Red Rock Canyon.” “I can see that years to come, that everyone from all different backgrounds is going to come together in unity.” “God wants me to build this walking hiking trial that leads all around these mountains, this is going to be for many tourist that come to town.” “The trail is made out of wood.” “Also I want to upgrade this whole village and move all of us to Calico Canyon, where all our ancestors use to live generations ago, where they spent their whole life, A tradition that been going on and on that never been broken.” “I also want to build houses all around the world for the needy and plant beautiful plants and crops, more trees all around the world.” “I want all of us and other people from all around the world, different cultures to come as one.” Bidziil looked at Adedabum with a confused look. “Mom, that’s a great idea but women doesn’t built things, that’s a man job. Adedabum husband Degotoga (Name means ‘We stand together) walks into the kitchen. Degotoga owns part of the land here in the Village, he built the whole village. Degotoga stood 6’3, long hair and high cheek bones, big hands and feet.  ” Osda sunalei”(Good Morning),” Degotoga said. ‘I’m starving. What’s for breakfast?” Adedabum and Degotoga , Bidziil sat at the table and said grace. It was a long silence for a while. Adedabum had something she wanted to tell Degotoga but the words couldn’t come out. “So how is it going out there?” Adedabum ask. Degotoga mouth was full, as he took a drink of his orange juice.” Everything is coming together.” “I just wish that these labor workers work really fast cause the faster they work, the faster we will have fresh crops and plants and veggies, fruits, flowers all around the field. ” “This will be a great treat for all our people and us.” “Plus I’m going to redo these houses and village for our people. Adedabum was speechless. Adedabum  finally told Degotoga about the dream she had and how she want to make this dream come true now. Degotoga looked at Adedabum with rage. “I MAKE THE RULES AROUND HERE!” “WOMEN DON’T BUILT, THEY DON’T DO A MAN JOB!” “YOUR JOB IS TO BE A MOM AND WIFE!” Degotoga said. “I own part of this land to, I’m going to do what I want over your dead body,”Adedabum said. Degotoga stood up with rage, as he punched the wall. Bidziil was frighten. “NOW YOU DO AS I SAY, NO MORE OUT OF YOU!” Degotoga said as he turned to walk outside. Adedabum screamed,”ᏂᎪᎳᎬᎾ”(Stupid)!” Bidziil looked at Adedabum and said, “I told you mom.” Later on that day at night, The full moon shined over the Canyon. Very quiet in the village, everyone fell to sleep. Bidziil was sound asleep and Degotoga was asleep to.  Adedebum felt this was a great time to plan a secret meeting with ten of the Labor Workers. Adedebum knocked on some doors of some of the houses in the village, some of the labors answer the door. Adedebum made a camp fire by the mountains outside the village in the desert. Ten of the Labor workers gathered around the camp fire with Adedebum.  They all roast marsh mellows and had a cup of hot chocolate. Adedebum told them all about the dream she had and how she want to make this happen now. “Can any of you help me build this dream, any body?” The labor workers all got quiet. One of them said, “You majesty I think it’s a great dream and I like all that you want to do for the people but building is only for man, not women.” “Plus I don’t want Degotoga to cut our throats.” Adedebum looked at them with disappointment. “Well that’s why I suggested that you all do the building and I can just guard you all, I can tell you all what I want to be built.” “Please guys, no need to be afraid of Degotoga.” The labor workers looked at Adedebum with a crazy look. “Guys you all are a bad example for men everywhere, ᎤᏓᏂᎳ (Weak).” Adedebum walked away. “I’ll do this by myself no matter how many minutes, hours, years, minutes, seconds, months, this takes.” Adedebum walked onto the field in the village. She gathered a whole bunch of wood and a nail and hammer. Adedebum started that same night. Early morning came, Adedebum went inside to make breakfast and then went back out to build. She built for days and days, taking breaks in between, feeding her family and then back to work. Weeks and weeks passed. Everyone in the village looked out the window, amazed and shock by what they seen. Adedebum built this hiking walking trail that stood tall, that had steps to get on the trail. The trail went tore’s the mountains. Degotoga couldn’t believe what he was seeing, he didn’t think she was able to do this on her own, he doubted her doing the process. Adedebum kept working. Bidziil ran outside and said, “Mom… don’t hurt your self, I want to help you build this dream.”  All the labor workers offer to help to and people who lived in the village offer to help also. Adedebum explained the whole dream to everyone in the village and what she wanted to be done. Everyone helped built the rest of the trail and planted the trees and crops. Degotoga walked outside, looking at how this whole dream was coming together. Degotoga hugged Adedebum, He looked her into her eyes and said, “I’m so sorry for my behavior that other day and for doubting you.” ” You’re a warrior and you can do anything.” “I’m so proud of you, I want to help you built on this dream.” “Lets compromise, you keep half of the land and I’ll keep half.” “The trail is on this side and on this side there are lots of crops, fruit and vegetable gardens and trees, flowers can surround the trail and be on this side.” Adedebum agreed with Degotoga. They both also agreed and the whole village to, that they want to moved the village over to Calico Canyon, keeping the tradition going. Degotoga is going to build better housing in Calico and Adedebum and the labor workers are going to help. Weeks and weeks passed. The dream was fulfilled. Adedebum stood in front of the trail, looking with joy. The trail was all finish. There are tables and benches in front of the walking trail, for people to sit and have picnics. The trees grew, lots of greenery and plants by the trail. On the other side, the flowers bloom, there are fruits and a veggie garden. All the labor workers been watering all the plants, taking care of the land everyday. The village wasn’t in Red Rock Canyon anymore. Degotoga moved the housing into Calico but build other houses in Red Rock Canyon for anyone outer town that may want to move in Red Rock Canyon. The land was growing more and more. Degotago and Adedabum enjoyed Calico a lot, Bidziil had a great time to, all the other Indians and Indian labor workers enjoyed living in Calico to. Bidziil went out with Degotago and Adedabum that evening in the field to pick flowers for the party they was having in Calico. Bidziil noticed lots of tourist arriving in Red Rock far away and bike riders. The tourist went on the trail.  “Mom look, there’s a lot of people coming into Red Rock, they’re going to walk on the wooden Trail,” Bidziil said as he looked far into the distance. Degotoga smiled with joy. “Babe this dream came true, your destiny,” Degotoga said. Adedabum and Degotoga held hands with Bidziil, as they all ran up the desert into Red Rock Canyon. Adedabum told all the tourist people, “Thanks for coming.” One guy looked at Adedabum and said, “I heard so much about you, wow you’re an inspiration.” All the love pour in, as all the tourist honor Adedabum, shaking her hand. A few days later on labor Day, Adedabum noticed a few black cars driving into Calico Canyon. Adedabum looked out the window at the cars, she was getting dinner ready. Degotoga heard a knock at the door. These guys dress up in their black suits came to the door and a few sheriffs was standing there to. Degotoga could tell that they was tourist or people from another city. “Can I help you?” Degotoga said with a confusion look on his face. Bidziil peaked around the corner, looking outside, looking scared. “We are here to see Adedabum,” The sheriff said. Adedabum came to the door looking scared. “Is everything ok?” Adedabum said. “We need you to come over to Red Rock Canyon really fast and also you might want to bring the whole village to see this,” The sheriff said as he turned around with the other guys heading to their cars. Adedabum and Degotoga, Bidziil and the whole village and labor workers drove on a big bus down there to Red Rock. Adedabum was so scared, she thought she was in trouble. They all get into Red Rock that evening, as the sun brightens over Red Rock Canyon. Everyone is looking outside the bus windows, wondering what is going on. Degotoga parked the bus in front. Everyone got off the bus slowly, trying to figure out what is going on. The sheriffs and the few guys got out their cars. They all noticed a whole bunch of tourist visitors sitting in chairs in front of the hiking trail and there was a news lady talking and a few camera guys filming her. “This is news three reporting from Red Rock, Adedabum just made history for her hard work, she is being honor today.” There was bikers out there at the event to. There was a big stage also facing everyone. The news lady came tore’s Adedabum. “Hi Adedabum, This amazing Environmental Clark County Group want to reward you with this award for being an inspiration to so many and changing the world for the better.” The news lady held Adedabum hand walking her up on stage with the environmental group. The environmental group was ten woman, they all had on their blue environmental shirts. One of the ladies in the group spoke into the microphone. “Everyone give it up for this amazing lady, Adedabum.” Everyone started clapping. “We want to honor you and your family, your labor workers, the whole village for your hard work into building this beautiful Hiking area for us all to enjoy and growing great mother nature and building houses for those in need all over the world.” Adedabum held this beautiful Indian Gold Trophy in her hand. Adedabum looked over to the side, as she seen her labor workers and family and neighbors standing on the side of the stage. She invited them all up on the stage. They all came up and stood in a group. Degotoga and Bidziil standing next to her on each side. Adedabum spoke into the microphone. “Thanks everyone for coming, all the people from all different parts of the world.” “I also want to say, thank you to the whole Clark County and this amazing Environmental group for this great honor of recognizing my work, My calling, My destiny.” “I had a dream, as you all know.” “God spoke to me in that dream.” “God knew that by building this Hiking trail that it’s going to bring people here to see his beauty of nature.” “This will make so many happy, coming to a place that’s very far out, to be by the mountains, to see the sunrise and the sunset.” “I’m so glad to see how much this canyon has changed, people now have houses up here.” “Hiking is fun and is a great exercise.” “I heard that people had weddings up here and Memorial services and barbecues.” “I’m so honor to be part of this growing area and this will always live on and on for more generations to come.” “I also want to thank my husband and son for believing in this dream.” “I also honor my husband for his great building skills in this canyon, very amazing talent.” “Also thank you to all my Labor workers who has been there, since day one and to all my neighbors in the village for their help and love.” “I mostly want to give a big Thanks to God, he believed in me and I believed in myself and the dream.” “Thank you God for loving me and working through me to inspire so many and changing the world for the better.” “It doesn’t stop here everyone.” “I’m actually working on more hiking trails and I’m also building more houses for those in need.” “I want to keep building all around the world for everyone.” “Woman can do anything just like a man can.” “We are more than what we think a woman shall be.” “I love seeing all types of different cultures coming together, just like I see in front of me now, on this great Labor Day.” “Thank you so much everyone for the love and honor, I love you all with all my heart.” “God bless and Happy Labor Day.” Everyone started clapping and cheering Adedabum on. “ADEDABUM…!” ADEDABUM..!” ADEDEBUM!” Degotoga looked at Adedebum with joy and said, “I love you and I’m so proud of you.” Adedabum looked at him and said, “I love you to.” Bidziil hugged Adedabum tight and said, “Mom I love you, you are an inspiration to so many.” Adedabum teared up with joy. The labor workers hugged Adedabum and all the neighbors as they all stood on stage. All the tourist and bike riders that was in the audience, hug her also and greeted her. Adedabum noticed the crowd was going into the hiking trail, everyone followed, Degotoga and Bidziil, grabbed Adedabum hand as she held on to her trophy in one hand. Everyone on stage, all the labor workers and neighbors followed along, as they all went on to the hiking trail, As they all walked together. Adedabum couldn’t believe that she built this. Degotoga stopped and looked into Adedabum eyes and said, “How does it feel? You did it babe, look around, take this all in.” “This dream came true, your destiny.” Adedabum looked around, she starts to tear up. “Wow… I can’t.. I can’t believe it…” Adedabum looked at all her people in the crowd with all the different faces of cultures from all different parts of the world standing together in this dream, on this trail. Everyone had a glass of Apple Cider in their hands. Adedabum kisses Degotoga and hugs Bidziil, as they also had a glass of Apple Cider in one hand. Adedabum looks back at the crowd of all the different faces as she sat her trophy down, holding her glass of Apple Cider and said. “I love you guys, thank you so much.” “As we say on this day in our village, ᎠᎵᎮᎵᏍᏗ ᏗᎦᎸᏫᏍᏓᏁᏗ ᎢᎦ , Happy Labor Day.” Everyone held their glasses up and said, “Happy Labor Day !!!!”