FOTA93F (1)

‘Egyptian Queen’

‘Her eyes stared into the wilderness from a far, on top of a mountain. The land was flat desert at the bottom. The sun shined within a quiet peace of mind and soul. Her people who died centuries ago left behind their love. The spirit flows all around the air, feeling free, feeling save in their land. The deep hills in the mountains reminded her of all the deep scars she suffered generations ago. Her survival puts a smile on her face. The light within her, was her protection, spirituality.  Her throne of pride didn’t mean anything to her. Her care and love helped so many. Saving so many in a war, her heart breaks for those that never made it. She walks into the desert, getting on her knees, crawling on the ground. She layd on the ground and begin to cry, as flash backs came to her from centuries ago of the many foot prints that walk this desert. History inspires so many, as she knew everything is ok. The world turns and turns. Inspiration gives back to so many. She looked up at the sky, The clouds stared at her. She took every moment in, appreciating Gods creations. The sun started to go down behind the mountains. The sunset gave meaning of relaxation. She didn’t want to leave as she day dreamed. She laid on her back in the middle of the desert, looking up at the nightly sky. The mountains disappeared into the night. The stars in the nightly sky, gave light.  She looked at the many stars that surrounded her, feeling joyful. Her ancestors spirits was with her that night, her guardian angels. The love that surrounded her, she knew she will never ever forget. The stars brighten more and more. She closed her eyes and smiled, feeling so appreciated for this long amazing life she lived. She is ready to go to this next life as she prayed. Her guardian angels held her hand as her spirit went up far above, into heaven. Many years later, everyone came to that same mountain and desert, finding history.  The history of her culture inspired them to change the world, giving knowledge and wisdom to so many. Her and her ancestors spirit, smiled upon the people, giving joy to them. Spreading the love to the world.’