‘Missing You, Missing Me’

‘Missing you, My Heart and Soul has love for you still.

Missing Me, Do you really miss me? You said you do but I wonder…hummmm…

Thinking to myself, the feeling I feel, your actions doesn’t prove that you do.

Missing you, your smile that light up the room. Your Humor made me giggle with joy.

Missing me, you’re missing a good thing. The day you said that it was over, the clouds moved upon us both, as you let go of my hand, we both got lost in two totally different directions that separated us both.

Missing you, I try letting you go but you are always on my mind cause I reminisce of all the great times we spent together.

Missing me, I know that you never met to hurt me but I wish that you will open your heart to me, let me know what is wrong.

Missing you, I try to be there and support you but you wouldn’t let me in. The front door is lock, I’m alone out here.

Missing me, If you really miss me, lets work this out together. Don’t give up, I’m all yours.

Missing you, The chemistry is so hard to replace. We had something special.

Missing me, What feelings do you have for me, have they left your heart and soul Like the birds in the sky, flying away from the mountains, doing sunset? I hope your feelings are still strong for me like before.

Missing you, Yes… I really truly do miss you from the bottom of my heart.

Missing me, I hope you do.

Missing you, Missing me, Only God can tell what our future holds together.

If there is hope that maybe things will go back to how they use to be, That we will come back together like before.

Missing you, Missing me.

I love you babe no matter what ever happens.

I miss you.

Do you miss me?’