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‘Spilled Milk’

‘The Ice Rocky Mountains came to light. The sounds of the birds sung in tune, as they flew all around the mountains. Anna felt the brisk wind breeze coming through the open front door, as she pour herself a cup of coffee. She then pour herself a glass of milk but her distraction of the white wild rabbits outside through the kitchen window, made her over filled her glass. The glass of milk fell over, covering the whole table. She then dropped the carton of milk on the floor as she day dreamed at the spilled milk on the table, memories came to her from long ago. She remembers that snowy Christmas when she was young. The Snow Flakes fell from the sky like Gods love pouring down on all, covering the whole ground with white snow. Everyone came together in joy as one, playing in the snow, making snow mans. The white powder donuts that her uncle brought her when she was a kid, always left white powder prints on each side of her face as she bite into the donut. Reminded her of the beautiful small foot prints in the sky, as angels flew around in spirit above. Remembering grandma brushing her long white hair with a white beaded flower brush, in front of the mirror. Her grandma beauty shined from within. Grandma never worried about getting older, no matter how gray and white grandma hair became. She gave Anna Godly wisdom and knowledge of words. Anna seen pure beauty in her grandma, an inspiration. Anna wedding day was decorated in all white and everyone that came to the wedding, wore all white. Looking into her husband eyes, she knew that it will be forever. She kissed him as everything disappeared, all she seen was clouds that surrounded them. The day she lost her husband, she looked at the beautiful white clouds above as her tears ran down her face, She knew his spirit was at peace above. Till this day, she feels his spirit all around. Coming back to reality, Anna is still day dreaming at the spilled milk on the table as she smiles. She walks outside and looked up at the clouds. The snow came down like a milky way with love, reminded her of all the great memories. Her grandma and Husband looking down in spirit from above as Anna says, “Will you join me on this “Spilled Milk?”