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‘Heaven Help Me’

‘His eyes seen all, as his intelligence became wiser. Looking at the sunset from his porch brought him peace within and a reminder of Gods Love. “I’m a survivor,” he said to himself. A piece of his soul was missing from the years of the war he dealt with in the army. The bitterness took over him like the thunder-storms back East, that rush everyone back inside their homes. He looked at the beautiful green cactuses as he stood on his feet and walk off the porch, onto the desert ground.  He lift a hand to gently touch the cactus  but forgot how the thorns stuck out. He felt a pinch on his finger as he looked up at the sky, Rain came down gently. The thunder strike hard, as the sky became very cloudy and dark. He ran into his house, looking outside his front window at the rain pouring down. The earth in his eyes became a lost place as the unkind storm took over. The next day on that early morning, he opened the front door gently as the sunshine brighten his eyes. The birds of the sky flew with freedom. He looked with a smile. The mountains far away gave bravery of courage. The trees gave comfort and boldness. He walked outside, going further into the desert. He walked all the way to the mountains. He climbed this big mountain, as he gets to the top,  he stares at the land below. Being on top of this high mountain, he can see a different world. The flowers bloom fully that day with love and happiness. All the blessings of Gods love, gave him hope again. He looked up at the sky, noticing that the sun is gone. The sky is very cloudy.  The noises of the thunder, test his fear. The rain pour down hard. His bravery took over and his fear went away, his bitterness was gone. He let go, forgiven the past. The rain is so clear and pure. He was blinded by the storm for years in the past but now he can see clearly. The rain helped all of God crops, plants , trees, flowers, Mother Nature to grow. He see how bless it is, to have Gods love pour all over. He looked at the sky and smiled as the water came down on his face. His soul is cleansed from all the agony. He sat on the high mountain, looking at the whole earth. He realizes that the earth is bless, Gods love is every where, giving inspiration. He stood up on his feet, looking up at the sky as both of his arms are spread out to his side. Heaven smiled down on him, peace and joy came over him. He see’s that it’s all a blessing. Heaven will always be there, watching over all of us.’