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‘Mirror On The Wall’

‘Mirror… Mirror… on the wall, I couldn’t see my image staring back at me cause the fog covered the mirror. I see a light shining through. Something told me to climb through. I touch the mirror, I can feel the coldness. I push myself through. I fell through, on to the ground. Opening my eyes slowly and gently, I see this big beautiful foggy forest that surrounded me. A light breeze came across. I noticed the cloudy sky and the big tall green leave trees that surrounded me. A bright light came out of no where, shining the reflection through the trees. I walked through the forest, as I can see something, but the fog blur my vision. The closer I came to it, the more blinded I become. A white unicorn standing with grace, looking at the reflecting light from the sky, as five white birds flew around him, in a circle, singing a tune. I see a fairy tale but couldn’t see the importance of it, cause I was the outsider, looking in. The closer I got, the birds became silence. The unicorn looked at me as his eyes turned red and its body turn black, running fast away from me, into the fog, disappearing. The birds turn black and flew far into the wilderness. I became confused, Feeling lost and lonely. The tears came down my eyes. My heart-felt hurt, but I realized that this hurt feeling is real and it’s from within of a compassion heart. I felt beautiful at that moment. I felt hope, I knew God was always with me, giving me strength. I started walking more and more into the forest. I started to see more clearly through the fog. I came across a steep hill that was straight a head of me. I see an angel standing on top of the hill looking at me. I climbed up the hill. I looked into the angel eyes, I can see the light within him, the beauty that shined through from within. The sun came through the clouds as the fog disappeared. I looked down from the tall hill on the other side, I could see a clear pure lake, far down. The water is very glittery in the light. The angel put his hand on my heart and started praying over me. He held me in his arms as we both closed our eyes, then we jumped all the way down into the lake. I woke up very fast, noticing that I was laying on the bed in my room. I felt cleansed and joy. I felt a peace come over me. I got up and looked in the mirror. I can see the sunny sky and a beautiful clear water lake. The angel flew all around the sky over the lake, and his lips said born again. I smiled as I stared. The image in the mirror cleared. I can now see my image staring back at me in the mirror. God light within me shined through.  A good heart and soul is beauty within that shines through. We all are beautiful. Mirror….. Mirror…. on the wall, beauty comes from within, that shines through.’