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‘Angel Cry’

(Dedicated to all the people that we lost all around the world, Before and now and still.) O:) 

‘The beautiful sound of a Gospel Tune covered the world with comfort, as the Holy spirit spread his love all around the world. Joy comes in each other hearts, cause the heavens above has new angels to do Gods will. Our brothers and sisters that passed on, are guardian angels. Their cry from above rained on us all, with their love, their hope, their care from a compassionate heart. Our purpose on earth, to make the world a better place is love. Then we passed on, that time is our last on earth, the joy for us all to go home to God and Jesus, and all the angels above. Their cry is joyful, happiness. The love of a hug, their open arms of a welcome from their heart. The doors to heaven then opens up. God and Jesus and all the angels stands in a group as a family, we all then walk on the streets of gold together. Our friends and family cries, cause they’re going to miss us very much but the angels above, their cry is from the joyous happiness of going to a heavenly place above to be with them. Heaven is happy to see us above, it’s a celebration. God then releases the holy spirit on each of us, giving us strength to get through the sadden deaths that we dealt with. The Holy spirit then gives us knowledge and wisdom to see that heaven celebrates the people we lost over the years and that gives us joy and strength. Everyone that passed and when we passed, our spirit will come back to be around our families and friends, being their Guardian angel as God works through us. That early morning God presence came upon me as I stared at Gods creations. The sun came slightly through the clouds, staring down on earth. The breeze blew slightly with love and comfort. The trees and the plants moved slowly to the low quiet Gospel beautiful tune. It wasn’t the breeze making the tune, it was the angel cry from above.’