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‘Raising Lilie’


‘The pink Lilie flower, wither in my hand. Smoothly, slowly by slowly each pedal flew gracefully into the wind. So beautiful but sad at the same time. I adjusted with positivity no matter what sadness came upon me. The light shined down from above, giving us all strength.  The more steps I take, The more I see. The trees stood very tall as they got fed by the soil of the earth. The rocks stood still in its own, with bravery, as nature passes. The farther I walked, the more the mountain grew in front of me. I touched the mountain with hope. I climbed the tall mountain, I looked down at how far I have become. I’m so high up on this tall mountain, that it’s so far down, so far in the past. All of a sudden, I looked down again at the ground from the mountain top, The whole desert grew white Lilies, surrounding the mountains. I then climbed down the mountain, touching the ground of the Lilies. Water comes splashing out, straight up from the soil of the ground, the water touches the sky. All I see is water and white Lilies surrounding me all around. I woke up, feeling cleansed and pure. The bitterness and pain, left my heart. The past was in the past. New seeds has become a new beginning, born again. Fresh water fed the soil. Learning from situations in life, the big hills, has gave me inspiration and renewed my spirit. Starting over again, my eyes see very clearly. I opened up my eyes, seeing the pink and white Lilies surrounding me in a big garden. The sun shined so bright as each new Lilie bloom with health. I picked one up and held it in the palm of my hand, I see the love and inspiration in God creations. The Lilie sat in my hand, the pedals stayed, the flower open up more, covering my whole hand, blooming with a new welcome. I smiled as I looked up, I raised the Lilie to the sky.’