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‘The Passing’

‘Looking out far across the Valley, The mountains stood still with a sign. Her world is her peace of mind as her survival gave meaning. So many of her ancestors left with love, joy awaited them all up heaven. Seasons passed, as the grass turn brown, losing life. No more plants grew, the starvation took over, longing for water. Many kids in the village ran across this field, their smiles so bright as they laughed. Each child disappeared from the world, from the wars that came eye to eye, taking many souls. She seen so many go, everything around her seem to be falling a part but she kept hope. She looked down, at the wooden bridge, the wood held so strongly together for years, no matter how many people walked on it, no matter how much water went on it from the many stormy raining days, it’s still standing. Through God, that brought her inspiration. The light always comes again, the sun brightens from above. Her tears came down her face from all that she lost, all her ancestors over the years, but joy came upon her heart from heaven. They all are up heaven. The spirits flew all around her, telling her,”Everything is good, we are your guardian angels.” She felt comfort, love, hope, faith, courage.  Her heart open to the whole world, asking God to, “Let each and every person in the past and present, to all rest in peace.” God loves each and everyone, there is a beautiful place, that is heaven.  My heart is a big river, very pure and clear of compassionate, comforting each soul from the light within me, that god bless me and everyone with. Each and every soul is special, we all are bless. Her smile brighten up, as she stared at the spirits that pass by her, she felt a joy, god presence surrounded her. Love lives forever and ever, our God is an awesome god. She looks up at the sky, telling God, “Thank you.”