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Short Story


In a small sunny town by Albany New York, proud parents gave birth to a baby beautiful girl. The mother stared out the window as the sunset rose in the morning above the mountains. She looked far into the future, of big hopes and dreams for her baby girl. The doctor ask, “What are you both going to name this Bundle Of Joy?” The dad and mom looked at each other in the eyes and then they looked at the doctor and said, “MUSE!!!!” From those words, from that moment and days that led, they knew that this baby is a special baby.

At ten years old, Muse started ballet dancing lessons, Her moves came natural. She knew at that moment, that she wanted to pursue a career in dance. The whole town started talking about this amazing up and coming talent.

Muse competed in competitions, local shows. She got a lot of attention. She touched many hearts. Years later Muse turned eighteen, she is now a well-known ballet dancer in her small town, transforming more into a woman. College was her main focus but also she wanted something that will change the world for the better. Muse climbed the tree in front of the house, sitting in the tree, looking at the sunset. There was always something inspiring about the light of the sky, as she thinks to her self, she knew that she wanted to give light to others as well, not just through dance but helping others to, lifting everyone up.

That night at dinner, Muse stared at the homemade roast and potatoes, biscuits and hand-pick fresh cook green beans. Muse always loved her mom cooking but she had so much on her mind. Muse parents, Jacky and Roy sat at the dinner table across from Muse, eating. It was very quiet, a deep silence. Roy looked at Muse, as she picked at her food with the fork. “Darling, are you going to eat?” “You always loved your mom cooking,” Roy said. Muse looked up, wanting to get the words out but didn’t know how. “I’m… uumm… I’m not going to college now,” Muse said, as she felt a huge relieve come over her. Roy and Jacky looked shocked. “Honey, you have a gift, we want you to go all the way with that gift, I truly think school, will be great to get you all way to the top, the whole world need to see what a great dancer you’re,” Jacky said. “Mom and dad, I totally understand, but I been doing a lot of thinking about this and I’m a loud to change my mind.” “I’m older now and I think I can truly follow my heart, without everyone around this town, telling me what I should do.” “Yes it was my decision to get in this type of profession and yes I was born to be a dancer but there’s way more than just dance, I can also give back, changing the world,” Muse said. “Well baby, through dance, you are touching hearts and giving back, you give inspiration,” Roy said. “You both don’t get it, it’s not about my dreams, there’s something higher than myself,” Muse said as she stood up from the dinner table. Roy and Jacky looked confused. “Mom and dad, I’m leaving, I’m getting out this small town.” “I want to explore, so I’m taking the money that I won from the competition.” “I’m going to pack my bags.” “I’m driving all around different cities, to help many and give great inspiration to those.” “I want to teach the real meaning of why we all are here on earth.” “I been so bless and so many adore me, but I feel that it’s my journey to figure out my true passion way above dance, but I’m not giving up on dance, I just need a break to figure out where I go from here,” Muse said as she turns to get her suit cases from her room. ” HEY… IF YOU LEAVE THIS HOUSE MUSE, DON’T AND I MEAN DON’T BOTHER EVER COMING BACK, YOU HEAR!!” “YOU ARE MAKING THE WORST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE, PLEASE DON’T BE STUPID, SO MANY GIRLS WANT TO BE YOU, THEY WANT CAREERS LIKE YOURS, IF IT WASN’T FOR ME AND YOUR MOM HELPING YOU FROM A YOUNG AGE WITH YOUR DREAM, YOU WOULDN’T BE A SUCCESSFUL DANCER!” Roy said in anger. “Dad and mom, I realized how much you both helped me get to where I am today, I so appreciate it from heart.” “I’m now a grown woman, so I now see clearly, that god has a plan for me.” “I promised that I will make you both proud.” Muse got into her truck, suit cases in the back, as she drives off that night on the sandy road. Jacky and Roy stood outside watching her, as she goes into the night wilderness, the sand blowing in the breeze. They couldn’t see her anymore, as she faded into the night up the street, getting lost in the dusty air. Jacky kept walking a little up the street, waving, looking sad. “Our baby is gone,” Jacky said. Jacky starting crying but at the same time, she knew that Muse always made the right decisions. Roy looked very angry and bitter, he wanted her to always be what he wanted her to be.

A couple of years later, Muse has a job as a ballet teacher, teaching young girls how to dance in New York. She is also a volunteer with the church, teaching classes at the church and feeding the hungry in different countries. Muse is also a speaker at different life coaching events and churches. She also has her own program, helping girls to dream big everyday. Muse is married also to a successful lawyer.

In dance class, one of the little girls put her hand up, to ask a question. “Mrs Muse, do you have regrets of not dancing professionally, becoming famous, well-known?” Muse looked at all her students in the eyes in front of her. “Nope, I don’t have any regrets at all, I knew dancing was what I wanted from a young age but the minute I became popular locally, everyone around me started to tell me what is best for me, I couldn’t think or have a mind of my own.” “It’s nothing a matter with wanting to have fame but I felt like it wasn’t for me.” “God had a different path for my life and at the same time I still have ballet in my life, doing what I love.”       “I use to sit up in this tall tree in front of my parents house and talk to God about life, I use to ask God to guide me to that destiny, show me your understanding of why I’m here.” “So many think that it’s only about their careers and material things, fame, but there’s something higher than that.” “Don’t forget that, your career is important and it’s good to have dreams and goals but the most important thing is giving back to the world, way more than your talents boys and girls,” Muse said.

Later on that night, Muse sat at her desk, in her living room, writing. Her husband came in the living room, he kiss Muse on the neck. “Baby, are you coming to bed soon?” “It’s getting lonely in there.” Muse smiled. “Yes honey, I’ll be in there soon, I’m just finishing up this letter to my parents,” Muse said. “Alright, Quiero hacerte el amor(I want to make love to you), ” Her husband said as he walked to the room. “Oh babe, that’s how we got this one, ha ha,” Muse said as she rubbed her belly.

Dear mom and dad, I know it’s been a few years. Please forgive me if I broke your hearts, it was never my intentions. I just knew that God spoke to my heart, I knew he had a different direction for my life. Mom I remember when you use to comb my hair as a little girl, holding me in your arms, as we will sit and look at the sun rise early mornings on the patio. I can still smell the brewing coffee that you use to make for dad every morning. Also the bacon and eggs, and fresh biscuits out the oven, yummy, How can I forget. I also remember the different types of homemade jams and jellies on the table, for the biscuits. I remember your words so clearly mom, when you use to say that, the sunrise give meaning. Every time we walk, the sun follows, just like god is everywhere. Dad I know that you always dreamed through me, that you so badly wanted me to go higher. Dad I know you always wanted the best for me and that you was just looking out for me also. I appreciate your love and caring, I’m so happy to say that I’m a proud ballet teacher, I teach young beautiful girls everyday. I spread gods words to my local church that I go to, I’m an evangelist at church and a teacher for Sunday school. I also feed the hungry in different countries, I’m a missionary. I have my own program for girls to dream big, helping young girls to know the meaning of life and that its nothing a matter with having dreams. I also teach them about the purpose, we all have a purpose, that purpose is higher than our dreams. I’m also pregnant now, I’m married to a really great guy. I want you both to meet him. I’m having this amazing event that I put together at the church. My ballet students and me, we are dancing. It’s a very beautiful show, it’s called Muses. The money from each ticket goes towards helping finding a cure for breast cancer patients. It’s a charity, a great cause. This charity is trying to find a cure for breast cancer, so this money is donated for a great cause. I got you both tickets. Can you both come see my show? I will be so honor to have you both there. The date or time is on the ticket. It will be like old times, when I was that little girl dancing on stage. Come to New York. The address of the church is on the envelope. The tickets are in the envelope. My husband is going to be there, Looking forward to introducing you both. Love you both, always thinking about you both. See you soon.

P.S. No worries, I can still dance in the show, I’m only nine months prego’s. Yes dad and mom, I remember that look on your faces, when you’re worried. Love you both.

That morning Muse sent out her letter to her parents, giving it to her neighborhood mail man. Muse waved at the mail man as he drove off. She picked up the news paper in front of her house, walking on to the patio. She looked at the sun in the sky and smiled, as she can see further into the future, she then touched her stomach, looking down at her bundle of joy.

Two weeks later the church was packed with many guest from all over the world. Everyone came out to see Muse show. “Thanks everyone for being here tonight.” I’m also proud of this great cause to, helping finding a cure for breast cancer.” “Lets fight everyone for a cure, lets..fight…” “My students are here to do this great Angel number for you all, I’m also dancing to.” “This dance really does tell a story, the way we move on stage and the part where we look up at the light in the sky.” “Introducing Muses,” Muse said as the curtains opened up. The stage is beautifully decorated in a heaven theme, the dancers are in peach and pink bright colors, The lighting of the stage adds more beauty. The slow spiritually music comes on, as Muse and the dancers grace the stage. The audience was filled with warmed, some got emotional, from how beautiful the show was. Everyone got the message. After the show, Muse and her students went in the audience and shook everyone hand. ” I’m so proud of you sweet heart,” Joe said, Muse husband. “Thank you sweet heart and I’m still in love with you from the day I laid my eyes on you in college,” Muse said as she kiss Joe. A deep voice came from across the theater, “My little girl has grown up.” All of a sudden Muse turned to look, her parents was there, smiling, looking proud. “Dad and mom, wow.. so glad you both made it,” Muse said as she ran up to them and hugged them tight. “I’m so proud of you honey, you’re still my little girl,” Jacky said. “Mom and dad, this is my husband, Joe, and Joe these are my parents, Jacky and Roy.” Joe smiled, shaking their hands. “Such a pleasure meeting you both,” Joe said. “You to my son-in-law,” Roy said. “Dad and mom, these are my students, everyone my parents,” Muse said. “AWWW… you all was quite lovely on that stage,” Jacky said. Roy looked at Muse in the eyes tearing up. Roy touched Muse nose softly, putting his arm around Muse, as they both walked through the crowded room. “I’m so proud of you kid, no really, I’m so happy for you, that you stood your ground and you never let me or anyone stopped you from going after your destiny, I now get it kid, I now get it so well of everything you was saying that night,” Roy said. “I’m so sorry that I was blind, also in the letter when you said that I dreamed through you, you are so right.” “I mess my life up years ago, making stupid mistakes, never ever pursued my dream more as a ballet dancer but I had a plan B, but I always regret not going for that dream.” “I started to have back and knee problems and so I became a successful counselor.” “I helped many people but also I’m still trying to do ballet moves here and there, join me sometimes kid on a father and daughter dance.” What do you say?” Muse looked excited. “Dad oh my gods, it’s the local daughter and dad dance back home, of course I’m honor to go,” Muse said as she hugged her dad. “Lets go to dinner, we have so much to catch up on guys,” Roy said. “Alright, well let me tell my students bye and their parents, then me and Joe, we will follow you both to a nice restaurant.”  “We have so much to tell you both, about the pregnancy and how we met.” Jacky looked at Roy. “Hey Roy, was my daughter a party girl in college and when did you both started having sex?” Jacky said. ” MOM….!!’ Muse said as she looked embarrassed. They all laughed in a joking matter.

Nine months later, Muse was back home at her parents. She laid on the couch after giving birth. She wanted to have her baby at her parents house, just like her mom had her at the house. The doctor that helped delivered Muse, the same doctor helped delivered Muse baby girl. Joe is very proud to be a dad as he stayed with her every step of the birth. Roy and Jacky are very proud to be grand parents. Joe parents are very happy to be grand parents to.  “Wow.. baby, your students are blowing up your phone, they’re proud of you,” Joe said. All the students called to congratulate Muse. Jacky stared out the window at the sunrise that morning. Muse looked at her, reminding her of the future. Roy stood next to Jacky looking out the window. Joe parents stood by Jacky and Roy, also looking out the window to. Muse laid on the couch. Joe kneeling next to the couch, holding Muse in his arms, as they both held their baby girl in their arms together, looking up at the sunset. Muse could see a wonderful future ahead. “So what are you going to name her?” The doctor ask. Jacky and Roy looked at each other and smiled. Joe and Muse looked each other in the eyes and then they turned to the doctor and said “Maricela.” “We decided that cause, since the baby is part Spanish from Joe side and Caucasian(white) from my side, we wanted her name to match part of her Spanish background, Maricela means Reel- Heaven, Plus her name starts with M, just like my name,” Muse said. Joe mom and dad looked so proud. “Estamos muy agradecidos y orgullosos de ti,” Joe parents said. Roy and Jacky looked confused. “Mom and dad, they said We are so grateful and proud of you,” Muse said. “Oh ok… and you say gracias, see I know some Spanish to,” Roy said, as everyone laughed in humor. “Well you all go into the kitchen and get ready for some breakfast, I need to have a moment with my daughter and her bundle of joy,” Jacky said. Everyone went in the kitchen. Muse still laying on the couch, holding her baby in her arms, staring up at the window, at the sunrise. Jacky smiles as she kneels by the couch caressing Muse face, touching her hair softly, looking at the baby in her arms smiling. ” Wow… another beautiful special baby girl, that is going to change the world.” “I knew my dear, I knew that you was going to do something spectacular in your life.” ‘I once laid there on the couch right at that same spot you are at, holding you and watching the sunrise.” “This is a special moment for me and for you, I’m so proud of you.” Jacky grabbed the bible from the shelve. She reads Psalm 50:1-6. Muse realized that those words that she started reading, that it sounded familiar. When she was young, Jacky use to read those words to her as they both watch the sunrise. Jacky and Muse sat on the couch together, watching the sunset, holding the new-born baby. They both read at the same time. “Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens! Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his excellent greatness! Praise him with trumpet sound; praise him with lute and harp! Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with strings and pipe! Praise him with sounding cymbals; praise him with loud clashing cymbals!” Memories from when Muse danced on the stage as a little girl, she could always see her mom and dad faces light up, as they knew why she dance and how much that inspired her to share her inspiration above and beyond, that’s way more above in the heavens. When she dance, she always seen clouds around her. She looked at the sunset smiling, seeing far into the future, the love never ends, god love is never-ending, that love is all around and in each of us, we shine it just like god, spreading Gods love forever.